Everyday i wake with an unquestionable fate

Of how my life is odd and also beautiful in a number of ways

There's a method to how you can measure madness and it consists of vulnerability

So much scrutiny for not living up to what your supposed to be

Only can add to the existing pressure

Asking myself “why i can’t change like the weather”?

It's too easy to become hardened to this world of sameness

I wonder after i graduate if i’ll become nameless

If so it probably would only matter to me

To the dream i can only see


The reality everyone sees however the story of every common person

We just hate to acknowledge it only when we see it as worth it

Being vulnerable takes a peculiar person

To be vulnerable only occurs when your truly hurting

Being the model of what a human should be can only go so far

What happens when you make a mistake and your no longer a star?

Life can be a breeze and everything you go through can make you freeze cause the world is so cold,but  just throw a blanket on and let the wind flow

I just wish the world was better than what's spilling out

“We accept all people” is what they love to say out their mouths

However when you see an unusual suspect as a victim for change, everyone likes to persecute them like they put their own pain there in vain

People tell me :

“ Your too young “

“ Haven't been through much yet”

“ Your just like everyone else , can’t you see it”?

Well no maybe i can’t i’m just trying to live my life as as vulnerable it can get

What i can see is how everyone doesn’t think it's odd to judge without regrets


Maybe we are all the same

In that case that's why peculiar people don’t get praise they get blame

For not fitting in or being what society wants to bring

Society is only vulnerable where it can benefit , doesn’t matter if people get hurt as long as the government gets to see dead presidents

All about profit and gain with the acception of pain , who would've thought that there's some people who stay dry in the rain

Noone should be comfortable with their themselves regarding the issue of having more

Seeking justice for the poor should be a life worth living for

If you could negotiate your own destiny for the advancement of someone else’s would you ?


Being vulnerable opens doors for new experiences

However, if your stuck in the same peculiarity you’ll never see or feel it

Things change, rearrange, or so do I It ain't always for the better

To look behind and say, Look where I came look how far I done came They say that dreams come true  and when they do, that there's a beautiful thing

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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