My Dream: Search for The Mystery Stranger

I'm having this dream where I'm driving,

and then, of course, you come along.

I have never met you but I bet that because

 I saw you in my dream we are bound to meet someday 


I'm curious, I want to meet you.

I bet you could be the guy reading this right now

And if you are maybe, just maybe,

You've dreamed of me too.


If you're reading this and you happen to be 

Blonde, brown-eyed and super cute then you qualify.

My description is vague, I know, but if it's you

then you'll know.


I would describe myself to you but

I am a firm believer that the magic is in the mystery.

Anyway, I hope I dream of you again.

I get the feeling that you and I will end up meeting someday so before we do I'd like 

to tell you some things.

I'm not the easiest person to deal with. I'm very complicated and I hope that when we meet, we end up being complicated together. I want you to be you and i will except you for everything you are but you must also do the same for me.Honestly, I just hope that we work through everything together and the most importantly we learn together.

P.S. I already think you're great! 

             -XOXO, You're Dream Lover
























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