A Night for Lunatics


United States
45° 59' 27.6936" N, 94° 52' 5.0448" W

Seeing the sunrise peak from behind the city skyline

The mirror image in the soft waves below

Feeling the the sun's warmth brush against the back of my neck

During a beautiful winter day

It's moments like this that I know

I'd be happy if I were to die

Running across a frozen lake happy and carefree

Hiking up a mountain

Facing a death that has yet to come

It's moments like this that I feel

I am ready to live my life

Moments like these are not for us to keep

Catch and release

Savor these moments while you have the chance

Allow them to leave peacefully when their time has passed

There's a price for disecting hearts

They fall apart

What you feel Know it's real

I feel it, too

I'm living vicariously through you

Those moments when I live for myself

That's what inspires me more than anything else

Live your life to better the journey

So that you may, too, be inspired by your memories...



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Our world


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