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United States
34° 14' 25.0764" N, 83° 47' 1.104" W
United States
34° 14' 25.0764" N, 83° 47' 1.104" W
Darkness circles the area of the box I'm in!

Them, they only see me standing there in glory, open space, with a smile as bright as sin,


Yes, well because what's more luminous to them really than what dims the light they think gives 
me the glory they think I relish in

They may see, believe,

most likely displeased..

by all my apparent glory, 

but don't truly know my story. They WON'T know my story.

Because the only strength I truly have comes due to my truth being deeply hidden.

Beneathe the misdirection, missunderstanding, and what you think is glory is forbidden.

-Forbidden by the universe that works against me

or so it seems

But yet they or this darkness haven't stopped me 

from the pursuit of these dreams 

victorious GLORY. 







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