One of Two, Brilliant Miracles


One of Two, Brilliant Miracles

            Walk among lands of gold

            Live life bold in new and old

            Love and see a world with splendor

            Eyes of two you are blessed


            Forget not a sight of scenes

            Take away none but these

            Enthralling designs of the world

            Be magnificent as one


            Fight for air

            Strike at challenges, the core of its homestead

            Rise up and stay up

            Not one but two, you can be


            Whole in one, half in two

            Share adventures

            Take each other’s pain

            Vanquish the suffering


            Spread among the world of loss

            Success is your new name, so I proclaim

            Risk is your game

            Do the unthinkable, be outstanding


            Wane you mustn’t

            Regret not when failure cuts you

            Angels as two, archangel as one

            One of two, Brilliant Miracles







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