"Dream Gestation"

The Night creeps in, 
the shadows begin to form
Every thing seems the same, 
yet different from the norm

 Climbing in bed, 
to sight of the quiet storm

 Closing eyes, 
darkness and thoughts found there, 
hearing the wind swirling in the trees...
With humbleness and grace 
I drop to my knees
Thanking the Lord 
for the day he has given me.

 Telling him what ails and pains me 
& my deepest hopes and dreams.

 The wind out side picks up, 
so I soon wrap the prayer up, 
Feeling the breeze...
I asked the Lord to 
"bless my People Please"...
Slowly I pick my self up off my knees,
Climbed in between the sheets,
Whispering "Lord Bless me and my family".

 Stages of consciousness waves,
And dimensions collide,
Hearing the traffic and sprinklers outside,
Intertwining images and words,
Reality and fantasy it is becomes just a blur. 
Voices and shadows begin to conform,
No longer is your soul here in this dimension

 Truths be seen,
Coming to light into the middle of the night
I contradict myself by saying it was 
"Just a bad dream"
The reality is ... this other realm 
is all that you think it is,
As real as it may seem.

 The storm picks up, 
as the night becomes morn,
I knew some thing was different from the norm!

 Even in my waking early morning 
I knew something just wasn't right,
Now wondering what my dream meant 
in the middle of last night?
I felt the vibe, from the night, in my waking life.

 The dream had an insight 
of what my day would bring,
But mixed in with my past fears,
The night before had bought me to tears.

 The storm arrived, as I knew it would
I wish it had passed me by, yeah as if it could!

 The past few months the storm was in the brewing, 
it came and crept up on me, 
just when I thought I knew what I was doing!

 Winds shaking my world, 
knocking things out of place, 
changing the foundation of my home
This morning I felt the shift in every fiber, 
deep in my bones.

 Have to shrug it off, wash my face, 
and make sure to cleanse the salt my tears traced

 The day seemed beautiful, ... 
but that was just an illusion,
this day looked clear, 
but why did I feel so much confusion?

 Again it came to light, 
my dream had manifest from 
the middle of last night...
Some thing was very wrong... 
Mas dwelle mi cortazon
Heavy and saddened with disbelief,
Where did this come from?

 After the months of brewing 
the storm is finally over, 
I should sense relief

 Touch my chest with my hand, 
raise my hand to God, 
I have to let it go, 
Yes my heart is still there, 
So I have no choice 
but to take another breath, 
then I exhale,
I may not understand now, 
but the future will reveal

 I see yesterday clear now the storm is gone,
Some time in the middle of the night 
some thing went bump,
Changed my foundation, 
changed our relation...
Now my life will need some rearranging...
But what does not kill you makes your stronger,

 So I take another breath, 
yes I am still alive,
I really hate when my dreams 
manifest themselves into my life.


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