The Music of Dreams


United States
33° 14' 28.6116" N, 96° 48' 10.6164" W

There's a song for every story
a story for every song.
It's one thing you can count on in the days that are so long.

Let my soul be of the story
that you piece into a song.
May it tell the world of laughter, of crying, and of wrong.

I will keep on singing,
for that tune gives me the wings.
I will fly across the valleys and the cities that are dreams.

But then I'll wake up in the morn
and the dreams will be but gone.
Though I will go and tell the world, of the story I made a song.



This a beautiful poem. I really the beginning because it sets the tone for the entire poem. You've kept a consistent tempo along with a rhyming pattern that, combined, is majestic.

Great poem! :)

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