A Different Path

Dear Future,

There are too many words in my head,

Yet I can’t get them down.

They swirl, they jumble,

And I begin to drown.

There are too many thoughts in my head,

That I can’t decipher.

They intertwine, they tangle,

And mix together.

All the responsibilities,

All the stress.

Living an everyday life,

Becomes more of a mess.

There are too many things to do,

With not enough time.

Sure makes everything harder,

When you’re forced to shine.

Let’s flip a coin,

Heads I win, tails I lose.

Coin is flipped and it lands on tails,

But that’s just old news.

Because when living life,

You may skip a thing or two.

This causes your entire plan,

To go askew.

Consider a race,

With four partners.

One person lags,

Making everyone else falter.

But it wasn’t on purpose,

Just a mere mistake.

It was done on accident,

And not to cause dismay.


This is life.

One wrong step,

And you’re on the edge of a knife.

It’s not supposed to hurt,

Only intimidate.

It’s supposed to make me,

Follow my destined fate.

Go to school,

And then some more.

Find a job,

I’ll stick with for sure.

Move left,

Swing right.

There’s not much to do,

When surrounded with no light.

They say if you,

Do everything you’re told,

Your luck will add up,

And you’ll strike gold.

But what if I don’t want,

To follow a specific path?

What if I want,

A new aftermath.

What if I purposely,

Don’t do things I’m supposed to do?

What if I change them,

Into something new?

What if I make sure,

To never get tails?

What if I make sure,

That I’m not the one who fails?

For me to get,

Everything I desire,

I need to fly,

Just a little bit higher.

Break a few rules,

And swerve past the consequences.

But it’s all right,

Considering the expenses.

Fate is only,

A four-letter word,

That shouldn’t define me,

And make me feel absurd.

With such a big world,

And so many careers,

I should do something,

That brings no fear.

I can travel,

To Bombay,

Or take a flight,

To L.A.

I can go,

To Boston,

And then come back,

To Austin.

My life,

Is my choice.

And no one,

Can deny my voice.

But right now there are too many words,

In my head,

And I can’t quite see,

Clearly ahead.

There are too many thoughts,

All intertwining,

And nothing,

Is completely combining.

But maybe if I try,

This time I’ll get heads.

I’ll feel accomplished,

With no loose ends.

Stress is a given,

There’s no way to move past it.

But maybe if I try,

It won’t ruin my spirit.

Oh no,

I made a mistake.

But maybe this time,

It won’t cause such an ache.

Life isn’t perfect,

And there’s no way to go back.

But I know that I can go down,

A different path. 


Sincerely, someone who is struggling

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