The touch of a Crush&

The touch of a Crush

   - so enamored

& amorous still

Certainly real w/ authenticity

& setting so seductive

That I would be

Washed between two passions

Two loves

Both sexual & arousing

Both intimate

Does ecstasy burn?

Incense I blindly Inhale

Violate me

I am already naked

& always been

The clothed images you see

are mirrored, overlapping reflections

Of a naked man


Let your sore eyes rest


The worst is yet to come

Let’s relieve

Your desire & mine

There is a climax to this story


Breath from her mouth

But my breath

I can tell



From her lips

But my song

I can tell

My breath

My song

An illustrious song

A Beautiful song

Have I polluted

My own paradise

With exhaustion,

My own?

& there

In that steamed ecstasy

In that impressed Virginity,


by a Lust-y desire,

Held a breathe of Inspiration

Yet a selfish host

Left uninspired



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