The Importance of Doing What You Love

Maybe it was just this year I suddenly became old.

Old hit me with crying over Facebook videos in the middle of the night.

Old hit me like not needing a Christmas countdown anymore, because the days are already rushing past me like Walmart shoppers.

I realized I was getting old faster than I could do all the things I promised myself I would do when I was eight.

I realized I never want to get out of bed because I know that if I do, everything will speed up and become a blur around my slow motion eyes.

Old hit me like finally knowing what wanting to give up on a dream feels like.

Old hit me with forgetting to believe in magic.

I realized that I won't be in the same place forever and that maybe I should learn to take care of myself.

I realized that sleeping in won't stop the earth from turning.

Old hit me with people asking what I want out of life and expecting me to know the answer.

Old hit me like the wondering why the stars never shine anymore and why the moon doesn't seem as big.

I realized I'm intrigued by everything I hated as a kid like history and ... poetry

I realized that even when you're old, being alone is terrifying.

Old hit me with wishing I could have my time back.

Old hit me with no longer looking forward to graduation, because I don't know what comes next.

I just stare at the wall on the nights when I can and the other nights I crash because I've already been working so long I can't do anything else.

I think maybe my friends don't want me anymore.

I think it's strange the way the kids around me act.

I think maybe life just happens to you if you let it.

I think I want my family to be okay.

     I want them to be happy

A man in the store today told me my name is a celebrity name, that I could make it if I tried.

He wished me the best of luck in my endeavors.

This man told me he was in the Marines and he was leaving for Afghanistan at the end of the month.

And he wished me good luck?

Old hit me with realizing how rare it is to have a dream.

Old hit me with finally learning how important it is to be rare.

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My family
Our world


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