Too Good To Be True

Crusing down the streets

Late at night

The clock struck past midnight

Although I can't quite see your face,

I love the way you look at me

With the streetlights glowing in your eyes 

And the way your fingertips touch my thighs

You smell like an ocean breeze

With the windows all the way down

How it blows your hair all around

And you still have to run your fingertips through it

because to you, it's still not perfect enough

I love you

With the music blasting

And our crappy voices singing along with it

I love you

Driving endless miles with no exact destination,

"Keep on going" I said

I love you

Finally, we stop

We stared at the stars through your moonroof 

You gave me one last kiss goodnight 

But I don't want you to leave my sight

Suddenly, I felt a shaking movement

I wake up to find the bed empty next to me 

Unfortunately, it was all a dream 



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