Gleam Dream

Darkness surrounds me as I find myself enveloped in the story being told in front of me.

A young girl is stumbling upon a scene,

a boy watches her, between

the trees as a smile creeps upon his face.

The girl moves at a slow pace,

and the boy quickly moves from his place.

His eyes narrow at her small figure

imagining her face getting disfigured.

Around the bend the girl turns

as the boy makes his earn.

Taking the girl by the ear

he imagines her on a bier.

She lets out a scream

as the boy watches the blood stream.

The boy lets out a bray

as the look of disapproval arrays.

One word is being shouted repeatedly,

"No!" the girl cries out,

everyone looks away.

Not daring to look upon the scene.

As the boy pulls out a keen blade

in one swift movement the girls screams subside,

and the boy stares at me with a gleam in his eyes.

Walking towards me,

blade in hand,

I quickly drift out of dreamland.

Eyes exposed,

mouth closed,

body imposed

in my blankets as I stare at my dark room.

I let out a scream

as I realize that it was all a dream.

Suddenly, I hear a boom,

and the door opens to my room.

A gleam in his eyes.


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