I died, and you guys are invited to the funeral!

You only live once

This words aren't a guarantee

For miraculous safety

Rather it is a dreamful promise

To think of the opportunity you may miss

While facing your dream

Standing in the beam of the unseen

Of which you scream in the direction of which you do not know

But what you do know is that it’s a place you want to go

And show,

That you were not afraid of “do” but of “if”

And that IF you were, than that “if” would be the width

Of the life that was sufficed with just being ordinary


It is not an excuse

As is often its misuse

To do what you want

With confidence to flaunt

But it is a guideline

For future generations to outline

Their future success

Based on the past’s unrest

In taking advantage of life

By taking this advice

Instead of saying

How would i be paying

When they should be saying


If you took a chance

Pulled up your pants

And so happened to glance

At your high school dance

And sparked a romance

With your high school sweetheart

Or with the one who was into art

And was really smart

And after a while, captured you heart


You don’t want a “I would” to replace a “I do”

Or what you could’ve drawn with what you already drew

With the hands that barely knew

The fate that became brand new

When you made the choice

To use yours hands AND your voice

And follow the path until it has ended

Correct it, resend it

Rejected, checked it

Dejected, but not ejected

Restless, but not reckless

To follow your “I do”

And slip out of the glue

That host a queue

Of those who never flew, nor grew

Because their throat blocked back the words: “I DO”


You only live once!


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