I met a boy in my dreams

He was young, only seventeen

We met on the purest day

In our beds we did lay

Warm sun, cool air

We walked along and lingered there

His passion was thought free from words

It was the best idea I’ve ever heard

We shared our souls through the sheets

He told me stories, feelings creeped

I felt a yearning, I felt divine

He desired me, but he was kind

A heart he gave me beating warm

I hadn’t known mine was torn

I fell in the water, didn’t hit the floor

Time ran out, It was no more

When I awake, free from sleep

I can’t find his warmth to keep

Through the windows sun did stream

I met a boy in my dreams


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Megan Sheil


"I felt a yearning, I felt divine"

I really love that line, beautiful poem!

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