Human By: Bushra Ali 12th Grade





Of how much life bestows.

Learn from the best.

Or the worst.

I thrive to do what's right.

To stare on the stars.

I awoke alone.

A smile came on me.

I knew my purpose

And so do others.

They thrive too.

No matter how where they are.

I wish there will be good things,

Even the storm comes to them.

It made me feel sad

The whole world is sad.

My mind ablaze

In a clock



Time holds everything together.

Breathes like ice.

Frozen in place.




I open my eyes.

People came in different areas

So do I.

They walk from life.

And so do I.

They talk to each other.

And so do I.

They have families.

And so do I.

They are human.

And so am I.

They dream of hope

And so am I.







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My community
Our world
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