Daylight Dream

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 01:32 -- ida352

An unquenchable fire in your heart

Yet held at bay by the confinements of failure

All you want is to hold her hands

But all you can think off is the aftermath’s chaos

Your mind is restless, you are going sick

Your movements are aimless, you are becoming weak

You work up a tread of courage, telling yourself “I am fearless!”

Then Prince Charming comes in, our future is bleak

Your heart starts the beat, 120 rhymes per minute

You tell yourself “this is ridiculous” I only met her last week

But your anxiety climbs up its highest feet

Now she is giggling, smiling with those perfect lips

He leans over writes something, and gives her that charismatic wink

She leans over whisper something, and then you start to think

You feel gravity pulling the revolver in your pocket

All you need is three bullets, one for every socket

She gets up, her grace shimmers; your heart takes a giant leap

Effortlessly, she glides over to Prince Charming seat

You creep slowly, hoping he doesn’t see

 For one day your point of view the world would clearly see

For she is your soul mate, your missing half beyond any man’s reach

BANG you wake up, for it is nothing but a daylight dream

You look to your left, she smiles and nod knowingly 


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