My Job. My Passion

Sun, 03/16/2014 - 14:44 -- kspaeth


What is your job?

Is it something you dread?

Fear? Hate?

It shouldn't be.


What should your job be?

Your job should be something you enjoy

Love. Anticipate.

That is what your job should be.


So, what will my job be?

I don't have a clue.


I know it will be something i cherrish.


My job will be more than a job

It will be my life

Something that I'm devoted to

And love. 


What do I love?

Innovation. Technology.

Seeing where we can go.

How far we can reach.


I will work with people who share similar ideas

Google, Microsoft, Apple,

Or my own company.


How will I get there?

Hard work, determination,

and of course, education.


I will surpass the obstacles

The cost, the stress, the doubt

Through people who support me

Family, friends, and organizations like yours.


My dream job

Will not be a job.

It will be my passion. 




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