A Dreamer's Border


Why build borders,
When you can build dreams.
Why break down dreams,
When you can break down borders.
My journey was of a thousand miles
And my heart kept going like an engine.
The destination was in my vision;
My mother’s legs where strong like cement.
We continued our mission,
Avoiding death’s demons,
To us there were no limits.
We kept fighting not knowing if it was our last minutes.
God gave us a passport,
We were not breaking his government.
He does not see us as criminals but as his instruments
That he uses to spread a message of faith and of persistence.
He was our hope during those harsh instants.
I cried because my little body was cold,
My mother hugged me, I felt safe because I could feel her soul.
Many died chasing their American dream,
But their dream will live forever
They keep burning in time like embers.
Their deaths were statistics left in the history
They were more than just numbers,
They had families in misery.
A young child looked at an old wrinkled portrait
Of a face that was blown away by the wind,
With a faith that was unfortunate.
A mother, sister, father, brother, or friend
That would no longer return.
Only pain was left;
Pain that was hard to endure.
It was a dark night with stars above
A prayer for us that was enough.
I kept staring at the infinite sky
The stars joined together and created a masterpiece in my eyes
It was The American flag the new home of my dreams
I couldn’t let anything break me down, I was fighting with ambition.
Yes, I was afraid, but I gained strength for my mission
An imaginary flag was in the sky and I was the brave eagle.
There was a silence,
The only noise heard was the wind between my wings
I know longer felt little, I felt like a giant
No longer feeling weaknesses, I felt an internal force
A bright future was ahead of me and would open new doors
Years later another border is blocking my voyage
But my heart has gained the strength and my mind courage
To knock down this barrier, this is not an obstacle
Nothing is going to get in my way
I don’t believe in impossible
America is my home and I am grateful
I continue my battle of being a label
Seeing me as a criminal, a future drop-out or a menace
They don’t realize I have an immense
Passion for helping others
As they cover
My dreams with their stereotypes, and I continue to fight
They want to send me back without giving me a chance
I am not a criminal, I have clean hands
I am a dreamer
Don’t judge me for my past or skin
Judge me for who I am within
I’m not a criminal, in my heart I have love and in my mind knowledge
I am a dreamer, a fighter, not a quitter.

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This is a poem that I wrote about my own life. I hope all you enjoy it and I hope that it inspires someone out there. No matter who you are, you have the power to make your dreams come true. There might be obstacle amoung your way but don't let them stop you. FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS!(VIDEO COMMING SOON!)


This is incredibly powerful.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


Thank you:) marysitz


This is simply beautiful. :')

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