I'm Gonna Praise

Fri, 01/17/2014 - 20:21 -- Somar


United States

I Praise with my hands folded

                And my knees bended.

I’ll Praise standing and seated,

                Wherever I might be.

Praising with a trail in front of me

                With Life beating in rhythm

To the run.


Bless-ba bum-ed-ba bum

Be-ba bum- the-ba bum

Name-ba bum-of-ba bum

the-ba bum

Lord!-ba bum


Praise be to Him, with laughter

                And with song.

With Justice and Mercy

                Unto others.

Praising as I nourish my body

                with Water and Bread.


Blessed-ba bum

Be-ba bum

His-ba bum

Glorious-ba bum

Name!-ba bum


Praise with a book open

                Putting time into study,

Praising with friends and family

                With a day Trusting on Him

I’ll Praise Him also as I rest.


Blessed be-ba bum

the Name-ba bum

of the-ba bum

Lord!-ba bum

Blessed be-ba bum

His-ba bum

Glorious-ba bum

Name!!-ba bum


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