One world, one future, one job

My future
In my mind, my future is filled with success
In my mind, my future is not filled with disappointment
But, that is simply impossible 
The future is unpredictable 
My future is filled with what I picture my life turning out to be 
My hopes, my dreams
My dreams of opening my own performing arts studio
My dreams of performing on Broadway, where I belong
Well, where I think I belong
But again, the future is unpredictable 
One job, one future 
One job to change the world 
One chance to make a difference 
What to choose? 
It's a big world, with too many problems 
How do I know what to change?
How do I know what difference to make?
The world is a funny place 
Destruction, yet wealth 
Hatred, yet love
One job to change the world? 
I'm 17 years old
I don't even know what the world is 
If I could,
I would change everything 
A world with no hatred
A world with no destruction 


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