My Dream


I have no room to judge

Living on the street, they never seem to budge

Living off a dollar or a penny

Everyone's afraid to give

Thinking that people gone spend it on henny

But that's how they learned to live

I don't know what turned them to the needle

Or maybe, the bottle

But my ambition to help is full throttle

I don't know what got them injecting or popping

But my ambition to help isn't stopping

I have to be successful to build people a house,

So they no longer have to sleep next to the home of a mouse

Their stay will be without rent

I'm not an angel, no I'm not heaven sent

I want to go to college and pursue my dream

I want to go to TCU and be on the best medical team

I don't want to be a doctor just to make money and pay my bills

I want to help the homeless addicted to pills,

Addicted to heroin, meth, and cocaine

Every time I see them sleeping on the sidewalk

My heart is in pain

I want to be a pediatrician

Tell kids about nutrition

Helping the homeless is going to be my past time

Until being homeless is a time passed.


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