feelings go unrequited because you have high standards, havent found anyone quite like it. now your fate decided, you're striving to find someone thats trying, to understand you like they're psychic. they come around, but you never buy it. loved someone that couldn't care even if you were dying. hoping for the best and playing your part while wearing a vest over your heart. aiming for the sky, but shooting at the stars, praying Cupid does the same to your heart. playing stupid while some guy says you're a work of art. just lemme tell you that you kinda are. you just want someone thats willing to go far, then farther, maybe to Paris or maybe to t'he altar. thinking that you should alter the creation of your father, you just want someone that'll be a hell of a martyr, perhaps your son's father. working for your other half like something wrong with your shape, asking God how long he's gonna take to show you something great. crying turns to laughing because you realize that good things are worth the wait. a tender heart tends to break, a broken heart tends to chafe, reluctant to give it your all, you keep it in a safe. i swear the chase between man and woman is a bad game, broken heart once and nothing was the same, strong girl, holding the picture together like a bad frame. in fact, the picture is still intact. fighting temptation isn't easy, if that. I wonder if Eve even got the meaning, watching couples on the way to nirvana while you're taking the scenic and mismatched. flawed perfection and you're hoping somebody seen it, how could they miss that? you don't get along with the same sex, but you're no different. ironic isn't it? true love is limitless. yeah, right now you're limited, but searching for a lonely king so you can reap the benefits. you got goals and a mission, yet wasting time wishing for a gift like Christmas. I'm telling you your beautiful makeup needs no make up, you craving a blessing that'll help you shape up and help you stay up. someone that'll be there for you wake up. you'd kill for a "Te Amo" and a person that would kill for you, yeah .. I know. I know you've searched this earth for someone worthy of your worth, what about something worthy of God's work?



This is the best thing I have ever heard, this is truly inspiring and I've been touched by this poem. I was randomly searching through poems today and I just happen to randomly see this one and I'm soo glad that I read it. It's extremely powerful and spoke to me in so many ways, I might be new to this site but I know you have a lot of talent so keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

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