Every Girl's Dream

Many girls all dream for this thing:

“All that I want to be is

The most popular girl, right now,

In all of the showing biz!”


But in reality, it's not

A trite at all that simple

As if you can snap your fingers

Or win many a disciple


It takes sweat and work to fulfill

What you want for an award

And, of course, you might fall into

Some lures and be ignored


“Never give up” it's always said

But in some cases, it's just

Not meaningful, especially

When there's no one you can trust


And when you're going head-downward

Going towards the roaring falls

When your grades are crushing down

And you're reminded of your faults


Yet despite those failures, brokenness

Illness, just to name a few

Still there shines a faithful witness

His love is through and through


You may ask, “Who?” but I tell you

One whom you know very well

 Why ask? Try to think harder

Aye, ain't that swell?


It is Jesus, dear friends of mine;

His love actually lasts time

And time again. Don't you know?

He can't stand the grime of crime


The world comes, then swiftly will go

Things of this world will rot away

But remember this, nothing He

Does will fail and blow away


Why are you, then, when all is downhill

When you're depressed and your head's spinning mill

You turn away and sigh, and trust others rather than Him

And give up hope, for something like a whim



This simple message is in a simple poem;

To girls of any age who'd someday want to roam

And ne'er forget He will never, ever,

Fail you even once, forever


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