World’s Birth

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 04:09 -- Creator

The world is born in the sky 

The end is at the breath of the sea

Each dream on the waves is taking high a star at a time

Each wish is born in the sky to trickle to a sail an iota at a time 


Flourishing days chant sweet mercy 

Melodies sprout in every fleeting city 

Each Priority is Satisfaction’s niche 

Inch by inch in the stitch of time richly pitch


The sight of each thought bound themselves to Warmth’s bounty 

Whiffs so swift softly puffy

Each rush to Air’s brush and hush 

Luscious moist of luxurious clay toss to touch clouds torch


Darling beauty of clustering excitement 

Romance of encrusted diamonds dosed with oozes of fantasies

Straps of time outside of time creativity without rules 

Ultimate mythology beyond all Enlightenment can hold.


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Our world
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