The Fire We Make

There is a fire inside all of us.


It starts off as a spark, then it connects with your soul and ERUPTS

I believe that as we grow, so does our fire, until it seeps from our pores,

flickering but BRIGHT.


With each creature, each person, each heart we touch,

we spread our flames, connecting each other by a ring of warm light.


Some will try to steal your fire.

Some will try to douse your flames...

But with every touch and with every ring you create, the connections burn more luminous

It gets PASSED ON, like energy from the Sun, it will never die out.


Fire is meant to burn,

To spread,

To mend,

And to create.


Our fire is wildfire. Let it burn. Let yours burn.

Let yours spread,

Let yours grow,


And watch the world burn by the embers created

By your light.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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