In the whispers of a dream that were left behind

I was left with a longing,

a longing for something that I thought was once mine.

A soft cry startled me that night

and in love I soon fell,

with my little lovely light.

Though when the sun rose into the eastern sky

everything was silent and lonely

as a single sob left my lips, alone I was left to cry.

His cries that startled me at first were now a sound I missed

rosy cheeks and soft baby skin,

Now I long for a baby whose forehead I've never even kissed.

Those small chubby hands I never got to hold

but he had my heart at first sight,

I swear his little curls were made of gold.

A shrill laugh that makes my heart ache sounded out through my dreamy mind

his small hands reached out for me

But what he didn't know was time was limited and I'd soon leave this dream behind.

My baby Elliot.

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