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Tue, 03/18/2014 - 08:34 -- EdwinB



Obstacles here and there,

Appearing endless like a treacherous abyss,

The obstacles of course symbolizing life changing flare,

Which ignites like a posed romantic kiss,

Not only the choice is success or failure,

But the rhythmic beat of ones soul determines the cradle,

Which one has to occupy with more needs than wants,

Because wants will always stick around like filthy mud on a swamp.

The dream,

The wish,

The need,

Is to become known worldwide by short and tall,

By young and wise,

By heart and mind,

Transmitted all by melodic sequences which thou will craft,

Music, composing, and directing is all the big draft.

As one proves worthy to be heard,

Many from near and far will listen to this creative nerd,

Dedicated to his music more than a houses fuses,

His dream is to become a producer,

Not only that but a worldwide cruiser,

Who not only goes out to adventure but to also challenge himself like a time bomb diffuser. 

Music is life and music to him will always be his passion,

Hopefully one day his name will be known like a Medieval period craftsman.


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