I Have A Dream

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 14:32 -- QueenV


I have a dream,

A dream where young black men won’t be on the streets pushin’.

I have a dream,

A dream where young black women won’t be on the streets pushin’,

A stroller that is.

See she is 20 years old,

With no husband, no job, but she got 3 kids.

She out her suckin’ and duckin’, trippin’ and dippin’,

She is making an not so decent living.

My homeboy had to get  it on his own,

Doing what he had to do take care of baby sister all alone.

He got caught up, momma spent his bail,

Now my boy is in jail.

And little sister is now living without a means,

She had to get it for herself,

Looking up to She with three kids nad no help.

They became a team, trickin’ and dippin’,

Little sister got caught slippin.

And who know who the daddy is…

And there the cycle begins,

A young girl without a father , so the first man she meets,

She calls him daddy.

She wants love so badly.

She was bound by the hand of her pimp,

Making her handicap without a limp.

She was dependent on daddy’s drugs and money.

Only if her father was there, the outcome would have been different,

Ain’t it funny?

Nah, I didn’t think so either.

She is struck with illness and fever,

Just as we expected,

She is expecting with no expectations…

Baby is born neglected.

No motherly love,

No father figure,

Baby turned out just like her mom, go figure.

My boy didn’t have a father figure either,

His father figure was the closest dealer in the streets.

But the streets already had him beat,

A plan for destruction,

A plan  for defeat.

But what if all of this was a nightmare just to scare,

To scare us into having a dream,

A dream  that no matter our background, our families, or past,

We would keep on running this race, determined not to come in last.

I have a dream that  young black men and women would have scholarships,

That they didn’t have to twerk for,

But instead scholarships that they went to school and put in that work for.

I can’t go around popping it for a real “nigga,

And expect him to respect  me for my mind and not my figure.

And he can’t go bust back, then blame the police,

Saying it was only because he was black.

I have a dream that we would become a successful black people.

Coming together , accomplishing goals and dreams.

It may not be as hard as it seems.

Even Martin Luther King began with the statement,

I have a dream.  


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