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Lingering Feelings Your smell still on the blanket sheets, A mark of the nights we shared. Your voice still echoing in my head, Like an unforgettable tune.
Lingering Feelings Your smell still on the blanket sheets, A mark of the nights we shared. Your voice still echoing in my head, Like an unforgettable tune.
Where Lies A Sword Of Me?   A shrubs of root upon a hill Narrow like a shrinked hallow
And that is how it all started: Kwame Nkrumah and his diligent compatriots succeeded in'Self Government Now'—the dream of Ghana's independence.With freedom and justice enshrined in our coat of arms, granted were we the right to choose. Choose a le
Moving through what is clean and unclean requires a mistake.- a mistake (the ache can relate) The acne can overtake- what is the posture of my heart and how can I relate/unrelate(d) when all i see is a face.
  My left hand feels amputated without your pelvis   I can’t type properly   it, my left hand, stayed there by your side tracing the stretch marks on your belly
  My left hand feels amputated without your pelvis   I can’t type properly   it, my left hand, stayed there by your side tracing the stretch marks on your belly
A cascading darkness... Shrouded in a mist of discouragement  Tears as heavy as the raindrops  Uncertainty sets in The end unknown Drifting farther and farther away... Hope as a figment of imagination 
Wake up let the morning shine on you, Kneel down, ask God for for his guidience, Step out let the game begin.
Pain is used in different ways But the pain of being stuck in Your head is the worst  People cant see the pain  Except you, Your the only one 
Yeah, you're just a little penguinWhat can I say?You ain't ever gonna fly, nahPenguin on the ice, you could never dieYou could never fly, ayy, you will never fly, no, noPenguin on the ice, you could never die
Sun saves moves and rays for some as a racing nun Burns form him as from a mum Fun runs in plum turn for each warmth won
In my new house there is host It is known as ghost He lived for million time Just he did was million crime He is dark as night  Strong as knight  Has horse without head
 Friends are souls but in two bodies They are always with you To stay close to you They are your soul mates There soul are together and souls You sit and write with them As soon as you capture them
Depleted and wounded empire Again, on the path of resurgence curve After spree of free fall for long time. Nostalgia of past still hunt To have control over break way states Winner empire of cold war
Why You are Important to Me   “She ran home and her mother gathered her in her arms”  -Anna Strauss: Hush Mama Loves You   From the very first day,
i feel like a planet at its aphelion drifting farther away from the Son unlike me, it'll always veer back unlike it, my future's undone   i feel like a runaway slave as i attempt to escape from my Lord
We all feel the same pain and go through different endings, yes our generational demon ‘’depression’’ sneaks up like a friend uninvited to a party Depression is not a "choice" No one "chooses" to have depression.
A box full of train tickets she sawWith her mother at the station doorShe saw it belongs to the ticket manAnd wanted to be as soWith a dream of a secret agent tooDing dong, the desk is awesome
They came to kill me With weapons unknown In roguish whirlwind Uttering my name like a magic hum.
They came to kill me With weapons unknown In roguish whirlwind Uttering my name like a magic hum.
Inside a huge hollow tree I must go and sleep Sleep very deep Just like a hibernating bear, Without any fear! #MywordsOnMycanvas Saima Qureshi ©️
Be a faster than fuel, Let’s the works become diesel.   Let’s the mistake be gone, Let’s the good things to come.   Stop pointing out the sins, Let’s gain the good deeds.  
The greatest phenomenon known to man is the concept of love When love is taught, it is taught to be regarded as gentle and kind 
Sometimes i rewatch it all over again it's like i'm fighting to save him in my dreams  i was only 10 trying to get home coming up the escalator to get to the bus
Oh fate! deceiver of mortals, Your cold ember takes even more than death, You have become a catastrophe To men you're a beautiful danger.
Land of future and fools Ending up in crews With a future of blues   Land where workers come from borders  Ending up only making quarters Making life on it, barely enough for a used whip
It's funny. I find myself running, unable to breathe. The pain in my feet told me to keep on going, Even though my turning stomach disagreed. I felt like I swallowed the whole ocean
I find her in my bedroom, grinning,  Messy and mischievous, her dark hair down  “I just needed a kirby grip.”   She stiffens up, stands straight,
I wake up after the sunset, I walk up after the sunset, I have my breakfast after the sunset, I read the news paper after the sunset, I sometimes bath after the sunset,
Imagine being picked Like petals from a flower Someone  holding you, wanting you, wishing for you Only to be pricked by the thorn  And watch the blood fall Mercilessly
I am bun Let's have some fun I ate a meat That has a feet I have a tone With my zone and phone My mother come soon Because moon come soon as much soon
Thy should i i fall into the dark land Thy should i drown into the water I fall from the higher mountains I tribute myself forever The experiences that I make are very rich
As I look in the Mirror I can see the Screwed up side of me,  But you won't get to see the Other side of me, I keep it locked away Inside  my head,
Scattered pieces of my heart, Lying around in the shadows of  my Broken Soul, Harassing  the world. Sharp Splinters  of my smile Gone Forever.  Lost Whispers of my sanity slipping away, 
A Jacob’s ladder romance Not two strings, but one loop.    My heart bangs against yours like a paddleball battleground.
Do you ever feel As  insignificant  As a single flea?  
Every time I see your SMILE, I think I’m on the heaven’s aisle, Seeing angels in the sky, Like an addict that is high.
How can I love you when I don’t know who you are? 
Hoy entendí que significa esperanza Es algo muy real y nunca con mentiras se disfraza Es algo que nos impulsa a seguir Nos levanta en alto y no nos deja dormir
Broken glasses are like broken wings It couldn't easily be mended with strings The wound can be healed As the gap can be sealed
I am lifted each day My thinking time lifts itself with flare each day.    I desire intelligence each day as wealth, as it is to flourish.  I am enriched at the fountain that preaches.   
Today I see just me. Gotta love and claim it. If I don't I wither from a thought that could be misery. Living flawed or flawless causes my battles of integrity. Gotta love, ME.
Beautiful like the early morning sun With blond hair like the beach sand And red lips like roses With blue eyes like the ocean Your touch has made me breathless And your kiss has made me lifeless.
I want to say what I feel, I know the wounds won't heal, I can't do anything , But think of being free. All  I ever wanted was a life, But I had to sacrifice, I fought for it, But still lost it.
One wish tag her like a beggar. One fish snag her like a stellar. One dish brag her like a liar. One pish drag her like a quillar. One stressed like a guitar Aleem.
Old and uncared grandpa standing beside a road, Luggage on his shoulder make him bowed. Dreaming and passing across the street he went to an "Old Age home". Age with peace and rest should be his destiny.
Old and uncared grandpa standing beside a road, Luggage on his shoulder make him bowed. Dreaming and passing across the street he went to an "Old Age home". Age with peace and rest should be his destiny.
I wrote you a letter two years ago that I never gave you.  In the letter I said that I loved you.  I wish I could tell you that!   I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, until my arm felt like elsatic. 
can't sleep.   it feels like these walls are closing in on me   so i find shelter in your arms instead.   (i could stay here forever.)
pink cheeks   rosy like blooms that burst when you compliment me.   you say my name   and everything else falls like petals, sinking   down   down   down.
i seem to fall in and out of love at a slightly disturbing speed.   my lovers are like puzzle pieces.   i'm always trying to find my perfect fit --  
Beauty resides everywhere on our Mother Earth Beauty comes in all different shapes and forms Beauty is pain, beauty is success, beauty is even in the struggle
In tears since you left, just waiting for you. Leave me to apologize, can take it for you. If  i was there to lie, let's make it now for you.
I know you've heard the story, I promise not to take the glory.
I worry for tomorrow, will there be another day? I try to stay strong, but the pain won't go away. We're consumed by this anguish, trapped in solitude.
The day is anew, With the sun dancing in the sky. Although, I only look at you, But I could never know why. As the sun rises on, do you think of me?
You and I are like the sky and the ground, we see each other but we can never meet. Like the sun and the moon we are far apart, only appearing when one disappears. We keep our hearts in parallel dimensions
Hey, that's me! The one that stares at you blankly, the one that doesn't care how you feel, I'm like a mirror, I give what I see.
fingers crossed behind our backs shared kisses behind walls of school buildings we barley attend the sweet scent of cantaloupe 
three years approximately 1,095 day’s that gave time for the pressure to build up causing the tension between them unbearable 
vanilla and chocolate swirl the aroma to my air boy makes me feel sweet like candy boy drinks until he slurs but can still make the words
Arguing with our hands in a fist Both of us pissed My mind is running, I just can’t catch it. My heart is pounding Cause I can’t move past it. Love like plastic Promises broken like glass.
Your eyes glisten like the red sea; so pleasing, so irresistible you get trapped  in the waves and never get a chance to breath. The way your figure is its better than you think
You say I can be fixed. Like I'm an Object,  Or a  Problem That can't stay the way it is.    You say  I can be fixed. Like a Broken bone Or a 
You promised  To never leave me.  But you did.  And I will never be the same.    You were there For me When times were  The toughest  But now they're  Harder.
Days like Rose's are not red to the color blind I fear the long drive will end in tarnation and mess,
Learning,  Is like the rain.   Sometimes violent, Sometimes graceful.   Look to the rain, For a child can learn a lot,   From the clouds that part their ways.
Darkness surrounds me. Wrapping its hand around me like a thick blanket. I hear it all everyday. It has consumed our society like a widespread plague.
If good thoughts are like clouds, Then what about the bad— The ones that slip into your mind When you least expect it?   Is it thick black ink That permeates your brain? A slime that festers 
Her next challenge is flooding right in front of her And the rough stones tremble underneath her feet
waves of suspision splashed on the shore,  finding what truly matters always fathomed my mind. Until my glasses fog from the salt and desperation  like a vase sitting on a night stand, cold, yet lonely...
Day by day, Is what they say, Just get through the day And you’ll be on your way.   Week by week, Try not to make it bleak,
he looked at her like she was the sun. that is, he squinted and cowered in the face of her absolute radiance.   Years later, someone else looked at her like she was the moon. that is,
                                               Never thought that this could happenThat we will be discussing the valor of LifeReal America is known as Free placeBy America, we see Freedom, we see HopeLife is something who everyone has the right t
What happened to the timeWhen words poured out of meLike liquid nitrogen,Cracking open my ribsPeeling away the petals of my heartTo unearth a diamondAt its core--ReleasingAn explosion of galaxiesAnd made-up stars,Fictional constellationsAnd playti
I can’t remember how it feels to feel Something, Anything. I want to feel again. Anger, sadness, Even hatred.  
Many questions were asked. None were answered. No one knows why. You sleep in a wooden box Where you have the answer to all of our questions. As names were signed. Others were denying.  
 A human life is like a tree it grows, it withers, and it dies. As the human grows they can be the shade for their future family, or they could be the reason why the family is miserable.
 A human life is like a tree it grows, it withers, and it dies. As the human grows they can be the shade for their future family, or they could be the reason why the family is miserable.
This is my clean piece of paper with endless possibilites some ive tried  and thrown aside some ive yet to get to   Along this piece of paper i find myslef thinking
Trauma  doesn't define useven though you go through trauma  you still have to be  who you are Our past makes us strongNo matter what has happened to you in the pastYou may have some bad days But you're gonna  have to keep pushing through those day
Trauma  doesn't define useven though you go through trauma  you still have to be  who you are Our past makes us strongNo matter what has happened to you in the pastYou may have some bad days But you're gonna  have to keep pushing through those day
Momma hangs our sheets in the yard to dry and sometimes, the wind catches             like cow manure and sometimes honeysuckle or a post-rain breeze             hoping birds and bees won't swoop beneath magnolia trees
Once we’ve prepared ourselves..        We begin clearing ourshelves..            One by one a memory goes down..               Each one from our hometown..
 No, it wasn’t easy living without you… Running up and down these roads just to make time pass by, I probably crossed your path on Hwy 27 or I-75!---   No, it wasn’t easy to find my way to you…
Inspiration, inspiration   inspriation is the sound of being called mommy in the  morning.                                                          Seeing a little girl
Haiti By: Abbey Windham   They carry on Day after day The smiles on their faces As white as pearls from the roaring oceans Their homes are shambles Pieces of trash nailed together
His hair aflow, a wave on golden stream.  He says things that are unbelievable.  He sits without any words, silent dream.  In the quiet we hear all his troubles 
Heartbreak can only get worse It feels like a huge curse It's also like when you can't find anything in your purse   It breaks When they make mistakes Or if they're a snake  
I am inspired by my past  Not what I went through, But how long it last. After a while it became abuse, Not physical But mental, and emo-tion-al.
When you begin to ask why, first think about how you got here. Then, gaze with those pure eyes what wonders you have accomplished. Without you history cannot be made done,
How the stars shine bright for you my dear heart. Linking us togeter, as they are the same when we look up to see them. Faw away they are, just like you and I.   How the future seems more possible my darling sweet.
It's like clockwork I wake up, I eat, I sit and do nothing Do nothing while the weight of the world sits on my shoulders bending my back into a “C”  With the hands of the clock, the cycle repeats I wake up, I eat, I sit and do nothing Do nothing w
You only have one time in your life to live, when you have that moment live it like it matters, because once you die it won't be the same.
our eyes met in January. i obviously smirked, very wary about his intentions. my smile in april had multiple dimensions, i began to accept him and the confusion, my happiness was no longer an illusion.
She was full of laughter. Full of joy. Full of excitement. Full of passion. Full of perseverance. Inside. A fighter. A champion beyond understanding. Beyond limits from which a normal person can handle. Through the pain. Throught the suffering.
You have already promised me too much Nights in Paris, tucked tight under the covers As crisp air sashays through the open window to stroke my bare skin
While sitting in a small, dimly-lit coffee shop, my eye is caught by a small decorative pillow sulking in the corner on a long wooden bench.
Quiet, Absolute quiet. I can hear my own breaths and my own heart beating, And the faraway singing of the mountains--  The sweetest lullaby.   The air is crisp, So sharp it might shatter
He rests in an old abandoned graveyard but Every Halloween he rises. At the strike of midnight, his Dozens of bats appear Like an entourage.
It is impossible to say what she is like ​­ as she is incomparable to most earthly things She's not a wildflower, ​­ she is a whole meadow A secret kept by the forest ​­
She smiles Like a musician, Constantly introducing Some new idea, never once Falling out of tempo, but then She speaks such words like a river
Candles— They are quiet Low-flamed Background lights, Yet they burn; They glow; Sometimes they spark: One of them is as brilliant as the first orange leaf of autumn, Candles are
Some days are slow Some are fast Nothing to do So much to do Time is relative So are you Outside you look City sky Colors on colors Like an inside Guide Like a painting
Fierce as the tigress Pure as lilies There’s a fire in her eyes Tongue like a blade yet witless Bleeding heart that’s chaste as ice
What inspires me?    The question is answered so easliy.    Its the mother who gets out of bed  Who lifts her head  
Do you like Rainbows? Or do you prefer the Storm before? Maybe it’s the bright colors that annoy you. Or maybe just the fact that they were born. 
There are parts of one's self that can be change and there are parts of one's self that can't be changed. If your hair is naturally Brown , It can be changed to Orange if one so chooses it to be.
Streetlights shining brightly twinkling like stars in the night sky. An owl hoots, a goose honks, the sounds of nature alive.   Rustling in the bushes, 
What  is  this  land  that  we  find  in  our  mind  that  make  us  wander, What  is  this  place  that  we  have  the  need  to  chase, How  is  it  that  our  world  is  made,
Dark, curly, hair, wet with beads of sweat A proud smile spreading across his lips Eyes scan the sea of jumping bodies "Apollo!" the crowd screams, "Apollo!"   Muses harmonize in the background 
Society beauty standards are deceiving.
Not all girls like chocolates and Teddy bears And husbands to be millionaires. Some girls love Video games, adventures and sneakers over high heels.
Lips of ones own Leaned in ever so slow  As the way the sicamore grows The gentle being,ever so sweet Calls for true love The lips like roses  While hours froze True loves kiss 
Decades decades decades  Each tick of the clock we evolve Gaining insight, losing primitiveness We promised to be “American”
I wish the color of my skin was a blessing in society's eyes. Just because I'm not freak'n pale. Maybe, if I was darker I would get more hate. I don't know much about football.
Kill yourself and be a part of the 22 a Day  fighting a battle where no one dies and no one knows  the reson for all conflict why can't it ever be heard? Silent killers  Darkness right in the light of day
Young and impressionable Your words tore me apart Like a hurricane ripping thorugh my heart Ugly you said Disgusting you preached Everyone stayed out of my reach I believed you  They did too
Why is the world so judgmental? Like people, Hungry animals choose their prey By looking for the weak or wounded They pursue them—
I used to think no one was perfect. The idea of perfect being so distant from reality. Like the stars shining in the sky that continued on indefinitely, his love for me is shocking.
You are where the sea and the sky meet-A line of the horizon that many have tried to reachBut so magnificent, so beautiful, so ever changing,that no one can help themselves There are stories you tell of merfolk and fae, that you know like they are
ltexas,don.g.nutt,59,poem,strictly me you know the crip gangsta swagg it be me drapped up dripped up all colors of blue strictly me it gots to be the bad boy known from street to street as i mobb i deep you wanna trip feel this now feel me find me
There’s a family In Mexico City Loud and Proud And All So Pretty   There’s the mother Coatlicue Like Mother earth
Depression a canker worm, that eats deep into our being, Like a bee it stings, and leaves sores to treat,
Rusty hinges, a noisy gate. Echo rattling through pure hate.  Flooded engine , well that’s great. Cavaly arrives a bit too late. Where it’s at and where it was . He won’t accept that word “because.”
I don’t know why the universe has chosen me out of seven hundred fifty three billion people, to suffer the most. I don’t feel human at all. My sensitive mind is constantly being taken advantage of. Like an alien or robot. To me, people never stop
I don’t remember exactly when I stopped being a kid   It seemed to have gradually ended    Like how a soccer ball slowly deflates with every kick
I am a woman that's very connected in my own way. I can be very creative by heart. I am a strong woman that fight for my right I am a selfless woman that puts everybody's Needs be for my own. I am a fearless women
Sirens Police, fire trucks and ambulances. Kids just getting off of school. One day we were just kids, Now, we are scarred kids.
My depression is like a sweater. Sometimes too big of my problems. But sometimes too tight, where  I find myself grasping for air. No one else can wear it, even if they ask to borrow it.
  Our last dying rose The thorns that hold the grace but Love knows no way to survive because
As I stroll down the sidewalk, With my tiny mind, I see giants all around me, Known as mankind.   These titan looking creatures,
A 1,454 ft tall building A 305 ft tall statue A 277 ft tall bridge To see these things are breathtaking sightsBut to see a girlonly 5 ft something You feel she’s towering over you
BLACK The strongest word in the dictionary. - of any human group dark- colored skin  though they attack our freedom  though it’s war between us————- like vampires and werewolves   MELANIN
Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to do something important.
Kneeling to God my knee hurt, praying with caution and aiming higher, So many lovers but love is lost.
Beating Hearts I’ve had this blanket since I was born, Its baby pastel pink background and cute red hearts adorning it. never once had I thought of the similarities this blanket would have to growing up.
Being a child seems so WiLD As time consumes that CHiLD, you become more MiLD Being a TeeN seems so MeaN That TeeN is always in BeTWeeN Being an aDuLT seems so much like an iNSuLT
 If they should ask I want you to tell them That I lived in an amorphous box A glass house And my windows were not  impervious to these stones You'll be able to see how transparent I really was Mention Between eternities past and eternities future
Black Girls, you are one with the earth Black Girls, they like to hit you where it hurts Black Girls, your skin is not dirt
From the day I was conceived  I was told I was protected  Set in a little bubble  A child so Reserved   So shy and so mellow   
Growing up is hard. Mountains and pitfalls galore; But time never waits.   We children wonder, What will be in store for us. The future? Unknown.   Time will tell our path
When I was a little girl Pain was like a friend of mine. It played with me on merry-go-rounds. It slid with me on slides. It was my shadow on hot summer days.
When I was a little girl Pain was like a friend of mine. It played with me on merry-go-rounds. It slid with me on slides. It was my shadow on hot summer days.
Sunshine was my former name,  yet the darkness of life encompassed me like flame, but all it took was a long glance in the mirror,  for my vision to become clearer, Sunshine is my current name.   
Like a PB and J with too much jelly, Growing up is too sweet at times. Sometimes your bread gets soggy, And you scrunch up your face from the texture. Other times it has too much peanut butter.
  At the beginning of the year, I met a man named poison Who looked at me and killed my sanity
This is an ode to my pizza face An ode to the pimples that littered my face like pepperoni and grease like cheese One more slice of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide please!
Watching the light slowly fade from a person you love is like watching your favorite candle burn to the end of its wick.   
Guilt blooms in my chest like an unwelcomed garden.  But luckily I chose to weed them out before they had any chance to stay and wind around my heart.   
Have you ever seen a daisy dance? swaying in the wind, careless enough to bend, as bright as the sun, Have you ever wondered how it got there? in a field of green grass, visual as clear as glass,
It begins with: 3 sisters with familial love built from brick, 6 hands encumbered with budding sunflowers, 6 feet that were miles from homesick, and
Your voice slips and rolls like honey. And, your tone sounds just as sweet. You treat me as if I were a fragile bird. Your gaze opens wide and centers on me.
I don’t know if I’m going through the stages of grief But rn I’m pretty fuckin pissed and just wanna scream
I think about the word "love" like a child on their birthday. The celebration of coming into a new world -or coming out of it.  
When tea parties turned into kickbacks, I knew my childhood was depleting. Beer bottles displayed like drunken artifacts, If only I knew “fitting in” wouldn’t matter in 4 years’ time.
2017 was the year i knew, My spoiled thoughts were already through. Trials and error were my only clue, My times of fun were way over overdue.   Back then my life was much more sunny,
Oh how I use this substance to cover up pain  My life will never be same  The alcohol is like a sedation  My slurred words in conversation  A bandaid is what I call it  No it won’t keep me from falling
Walk, Stumble, bend, Crack, break, trip.   Swollen hearts shatter. The whispers grow bigger, louder. Never silent, always wild.   A rose snaps in the wind. The storm quiets,
I was no longer a child when I realized my greatest fear was not that of the dark, but of being so vulnerable and helplessly in love that I would not be able to stop my heart from being broken. 
all alone  in this vast barren house  I sleep  I sleep in this house  that use to be a home for 3  but now is a house for 1
The sky is clouded- Murky like a sooty pond, But the trail is clear.   Bumps rattle me off My bike with the suspension
Every little thing. Every little fling. Makes me think of you. Only you. And you know it’s true. Baby.  
When I was young I always wondered Why I never fit in. Like a broken puzzle piece, I just couldn't complete life's picture. Because my choices Were taken as sin,  I never got a chance
Like a colony of trees, Resources we share for all to bare Twist and swerve; curl and duck Drawing in and in, each winding root Water, endless pools of pristine liquid
I feel like a loosened metallic guard dripping incessantly drops bow like shapely I feel so much like a barrel leaking and it's not gonna stop,this Sky's
Studying Muddying Sipping my cup of joe Working so hard until The dead of night. Thanks to my work, I’ve no Availability It is so challenging Staying upright.   Tickity Tockity
It was only grade school, when I had my first friend. Stuck together like white on rice She always treated me so nice Then one day, Another girl came along And we couldn’t bare to get along
The melanin of my chocolate skin  Differs from the vanilla of my classmates  I live in a land of imagination  With the monsters of my insecurities     Why don't you play with the other kids?
Ever wonder why the mind wanders over the minute aspects of life, Constantly. The thoughts of substance digress deep within, Subconsciously.
Fear is like a shadow that conquers the ground, But it doesn’t mean that it has to conquer our life. It follows us till the day we vanish from this earth,
As I think and reflect on what my life was, I'm glad I overcame all that this life does. This life we live is but a dance, Dodging grief and unsteadiness with our bare hands.
She looked at me while she giggled a light-hearted laugh It rang out like a wind chime till cut in half She looked to the side and made a face that shook me
Like petals from the one rose I received I fell, once again deceived By your untruthful words but somehow I believed them The belief that this was real It wasn't just how you would make me feel but
Company is nice Likeminded people make for good friends, or one would think. Common interests go out the window when you can't count on them. Well, who needs them anyway? I thought I did, honestly.
Love 1 word 2 vowels 3 meanings  4 letters To write this word takes two seconds, To speak this word takes two centuries. Love, and to be loved is for those of the brave .
I once was young So clean and pure Innocent thoughts flew through my head Like the airplanes far above But one thing scared me and kept me down I saw how my friends changed
The feeling of dread  curdles in my stomach  wishing I was dead  out of breath at the sumit   I stood with my legs shaking  tongue twisted and tied a pressed on smile I'm faking 
Fear is my friend, Fear is my foe. He determines all my actions, And tells me yes or no. I needed to overcome, So one day I overcame. I looked him in the face And called him by his name.
Being special everyone says that is what they are everyone strives to be it but in the end they are all normal something that I strived for
Fear. The fastest emotion to reach the brain to create a fight or flight reaction Fight.  Fear causes a person to attack to rid of whatever caused the fear. Flight.
So the adage; The fall after a pride is true after all. At the crossroad I stand, Uncertain of the path to take this time around. Man for chill. After all I only live once. I took to abusing drugs.
Your love came like a seed, Spreading roots inside me. Now, it became giant and to the sky defiant.
 Ever since I was a kid, basketball has always been my favorite sport to play. at the same time I really liked music, I like to sing and make beats with anything 
I think I could die
Walking out of the comfortably content cottage You can smell the fresh water, wind breeze Your hair wavy from the cool breeze and blue water
As a kid you are taught fear. As a child or baby you know no fear. It can become damaging if you allow it.   My fear is letting people in on my inner-most secrets. Everyone has them.
to be queer is strange, but stranger is pretending for you that i’m not.   i am not a bug to be shut in a jar and
you were just laughing, no, the both of us are laughing. telling stories to each other, like no one's ever shared a story.
Shall I compare you to the wonders of nature?You have the majesty of the tiger, You are vivid and bright as the northern lights.I find you more valuable than any other beauty;
“The realest people don’t have a lot of friends.” The power of a gun can kill And the power of fire can burn The power of wind can chill
There is something That few know of But is transparent to many Kept in the dark and loyal to no one Hoping that no one can find it It is a silent killer Pouncing on the slightest sense of innocence
I miss you I miss you the way The stars miss the moon I need you I need you the way My lungs need air But
Inspired by Maya Angelou's "STILL I RISE"   TITLE: I SHALL STAND  
Lagoon. Clear like glass cup Uncovered by sunlight. No greenhouse gases are emitted. Lagoon.
I open my mind's lid like the drawer of a filing cabinet. It is the place where thoughts, dreams, and memories thrive. Letters of knowledge organized just like books in a library.
You claim I’m falling: Sure, I’m falling An acrobat twisting off her trapeze grin plastered on by the rush of air.   If I’m falling
I’m tired of all your fooling, your bitching, and all the gossiping You can’t get on the road without stopping causing the trafficking You sit around, lazy and can’t figure out what your slacking in
I feel life slipping between the fingers of my hands like sand and yet I am so young so where did you go? why did you go? repeated daunting questions i ask myself 
Her eyes were as brown as the mud we rolled in that one afternoon when we were kids.    Her hair is as black as the asphalt we'd run on at recess when we were in 3rd grade.  
Why is it that most poetry is ignored Does it come off as bored Or is the perspective way to broad?
Why is it that most poetry is ignored Does it come off as bored Or is the perspective way to broad?
In your presence, the cold wind of love breaks the shackles in me. Your webb of love warms me, each and every infinitesimal time. Scars of love infiltrates my soul anytime you smile.
i could wax lyrical poetry about wanting,  but everyone does that and i want to be  uncovnetional, like a duck
His hair was the color of  flames His shoulders were ruddy from all the burdens he's carried  Even his old truck was red But his eyes were a bright  blue
I pushed you away thinking you would fade away but you didn’t… I thought I didn’t want to remain with you, almost avoided you but nothing was true… I wanted to explore dating guys to find out all the lies
What a wonderful world Louis Armstrong said He was being sarcastic A place long, gone and left Happiness needs the darkness Helpless in the loch ness Sadness and wars Bad is what pours
“I’m Not A Threat, Unless Your A Threat To Me” Why can’t you just let me be Why are you offended when I decide to take a knee Why can’t, you see, why we, seem to disagree
I pity the souls who fail to see The wonder and beauty a story can be Whether it be the delicate blots of black on crisp page Or the utterings of grand tales around stone set ablaze
Looked at like prized possessions Thoughts of them as obsessions Most men can't understand Long lasting love they can't withstand There is a feeling that can't even bend
When I look at paper I think of this cruel world, Separated by race, Unlined by unity, Words not being fit well for the community.   Two lines separating each side,
Your lips were rose petals, dipped in natural moisture and your skin was kissed by the sun, leaving me constantly warm.
The people above us dont hear our voice They make all these decisions without giving us a choice Shooting down all my brothers and sisters Leaving us with pain as it stings like a blister  
There are some boys who talk in gamesAfter they get hard they say One must remember about his love without blameFirst say I remember my teacher when he was angry You must work you must studyTo make your country above in a way To let the enemy run
My skin is smooth fearfully and wonderfully made by God From the top of my head to the soles of my feet I am vibrant   I am drenched in caramel my skin glows against the beam of sunlight
I needed you like I needed a cigarette. Like tar to my lungs, you poisoned my life. I was only 17 and thought, "This is what love is"... It was more like drowning.  
A voice is heard but silenced by society crushed as a rose as it loses its petals so does the sound But then there is a crack like the one in a dam going to explode
When the leaves turned golden and shone like no other time of the year, and the wind swirled with passion was when I was born. It was a cold morning my mother says.
The gift of god Made , parents smile a lot The journey we got Full of faults....
He was ten with his face always stuck in a book Tales of wizards overcoming abuse at home and having adventures with friends to help him escape his problems, 
The story of my life can be relayed in lyrics From pop punk to rap to Anna Nalick, Eros, storge, philia, agape
Flowers compliment your looks. Oh, I wish you could see yourself from my eyes.  Your beauty doesn't come from the definition found in books  but from what lies inside.   
The world is a wolf, snatching innocence and feeding on the shortcomings of others. A child with mindless ignorance enters the woods; a blank slate. They look upon the faces of those around them, observing and repeating.
This world was built by a rash assumption, One that disregards women’s basic rights. It is promotion of mass consumption; It is the spilt blood by too many fights.
Men are like fast food. I don't actually hate fast food, But I hate what it does to me. 
There's a place where they can't stand our race We're the only ones who are always getting chased When we're in court they dont care about our case They never understand why we can't look at them in their face
confusion and understanding guiding with a blindfold on, not ever knowing exactly what to teach in the exact order I've followed in your footsteps for years now learning one thing at a time
Thank you. Dear Love, I thank you. Without you, I would not be where I am today. Without you, none of us would have found our place.   You are the Master of the Universe,
Kline is like a nickel She always has a ferronickel strength When I'm not strong She is strong for me I thank her for her empowerment Kline is like a dime She always has 10 words of wisdon to share
  He is a flame in the daylight: Seemingly innocent To the naked eye, But painful To the touch. Though he leaves
Second drop, like heavy stones and minutes dive into depths so deep, that hours sink, like hefty mounds so that days may plunge; they may plunge straight down and years may plummet
So much has happened So much has changed When you debuted People laughed Judged, and didn’t believe What you could become   As years went by You made history
You introduced me to love But the broken pieces of my heart Are because of you The things you do to me Are way past new you see
When you are here with me, Worries, woes fade away. Like a sunrise, above the bay. Always here when I need you. Warm hugs and heart felt advices, You never stop bettering my day,
Q-uality time that we have spent together A-chievemnet that you have conqueredD-irection that you have given meE-ndless conversations we have had about the futureE-mpathy that you have shown me when I was in need R-espect that I have for you and y
As time moved onward and I was alone I had my father to guide me back home. I was scared of what was to come  I was lost stuck on a shoe like a piece of gum   I was lost  But thanks to you 
It wasn’t until I was ten that I noticed frown lines stretching from my mother’s hairy chin to the corners of thin lips. Hair a mass of frizz,
time is like sand it slips right through your fingers. you can hold on  and squeeze as tight as you can but in the end it slips right through your fingers  
time is like sand it slips right through your fingers. you can hold on  and squeeze as tight as you can but in the end it slips right through your fingers  
Goose bumps raise like braile The way muffins do when baked A force inside roars
ALTER EGO Cara Robert she was, called They all accepted her I did too An amazing young lady Vibrant Full of life And resourcefulness Always ready to talk And communicated with wise
She walks with her fists curved into a ball clinching on to the words unspoken suffocated by scream she's been holding in her chest like a little girl abandoned
My thoughts race of you like the speed of light, to uncover  what is true, your height? enough so that I'm able to look up to you.
My thoughts race of you like the speed of light, to uncover  what is true, your height? enough so that I'm able to look up to you.
You were never there for me, more absenteeism then a procrastinator working a 9 to 5 job you played me this whole time like some first shooter video game and I was the narrator.
Ever since I can remember, poetry has been by my side. It's as bright as an ember and lights my way like a guide.   It has been with me each grade of my academic life. Each time an upgrade,
The world confines me, It puts me in a darkness. People abuse me,  They think I am heartless. But my thoughts are open, They are alive. I can write them on paper, And believe I will survive.
The world confines me, It puts me in a darkness. People abuse me,  They think I am heartless. But my thoughts are open, They are alive. I can write them on paper, And believe I will survive.
Poetry is a release It allows you to put emotions into words And being able to put them on paper gives you a sense of peace It lets your thoughts take flight like birds They can be uplifting when they're shared
Poetry is a release It allows you to put emotions into words And being able to put them on paper gives you a sense of peace It lets your thoughts take flight like birds They can be uplifting when they're shared
Poetry is a release It allows you to put emotions into words And being able to put them on paper gives you a sense of peace It lets your thoughts take flight like birds They can be uplifting when they're shared
 We all search for a place to vent; to be free, with no condemnatory or disparaging eyes lurking in the shadows, no expectations.
Munyerenkana Germaine Namegabe  Has raised me to be independent Has given me indescribable strength Acquires my character to be unique Foreign like my ancestors are So do I have documents to work
In pain lies resurrection As resurrection begets pain This beautifully torturous cycle Never fails to bring us together again   My tears summon you
An everlasting tunnel of many thoughts and dreams roads slimming as funnels shouted screams filled with schemes Thoughts powered by infinity oh what do I do settled land filled with serenity
The first sign of spring is like this should be new year’s, not the era of the dead, icebox hand of winter clutching Mother Nature,   like the fingers of the pastel, cotton-candy dawn
This is what life really is Not all fairy tales and roses I'm putting down my walls, So you can get a sense of some truth So you can accept it Reflecting on the days that I had it easy
How many hearts have to break? How many steps do I gotta take? How many breaths, oh lord forsake? Until I come home to meet my maker?   You’ve watched me struggle and watched me drown.
I'm tired of planting seeds I wanna see them fruiting trees But would you get down on your knees To make your ego small as a bumblebee? I need you to pollinate these ideas for me  
   In the moment/
Let the words flow Like the tides of the ocean Sometimes it ebbs Other times it flows Still, a beautiful work This is what poetry has taught me Sometimes you're low Other times you're high
An empty mind of an artist is hard to unwind it's like taking the lights from the blind. Inspiration is scarce yes, it is a bit rare to find when an artist's mind  is in a bind.
Often did I not ponder poetry, oh how I loathed it.   How it made me think as Tesla did current.   Different emotions soaring like the sun rising on an early Sunday morning.  
Poets! A term for people who's minds are strong and full of knowledge and opinions and experiences. Like fossils that tell  a story by their location and their marks. 
As a Stone:   Still as a stone in a field Covered with lichen and moss, Curdled by drivel and dross, Seeming as dead and congealed;   Still as a stone in a field
There once was a violinA simple violinThe violin played beautifullyIt's strings strung tightlyIt's melody pureBut never as sure as the Grand PianoNo matter how tightly the strings drawn
Warrior or a poet? Same thing, right?!
What happens to a dream deferred?
lets say we go out what would you say okay would you just try to lie and play could that be yesterday or today okay so im not eminem or DR.DRAY , i mean more than the words i have spoken but it is the beat of my heart you just awoken.
lets say we go out what would you say okay would you just try to lie and play could that be yesterday or today okay so im not eminem or DR.DRAY , i mean more than the words i have spoken but it is the beat of my heart you just awoken.
A sea of green, moving quietly,  hushed, hidden by their surroundings, so as not to be seen by the predators ahead.   Then whistling, like when your father whistles. Real quick, 
Broken hearted once again  Because love is painful and pain is no joke It's like your soul sets on fire and words are drenched and soaked Knowledge is found in a dark cold well
Great soap opera in charming wings Notes on costly chord smile heavenly Mesmerising syrupy taste of lemonade  Musically seen in a ballad dance Her way out of this world
I measured each spoonful of Mexican cheese and sprinkled it, like a surgeon, over a bubbling omelette Next was the avocado, sliced in smooth crescents of green because that's the good kind of fat,
I could get lost in the beatuy of your eyes Compare the, to the beatuy of nature Crystal blue lakes, perciuos gems I could say they remind me of home Of feeling safe Call your eyes bright as the stars
I used to say I didn’t like brown eyes. They were too boring or dirty or lame.  I preferred green or blue --- anything but dirt. Your eyes intrigued me. The color of your eyes,
- Please, please, I am asking you, don't call me a, Nice guy, Great guy,  Gentle Man,  One of a kind, or the kindest person I have ever met. Because you do not understand, how those word can effect my feelings.
Spread yourself wide.  Like a crater on erosion, I spread you even wider.  Mentally and spiritually I desire to be the Moses of the story. 
She came in like a shooting star , Stayed for a while and went too far, Every night in my tears, Every day in my prayers, loosing her was my biggest fear, After all she was too dear!!..  
Sounds written by a victim of Misophonia Sounds Prevent me from eating dinner with my family. Sounds
I was not an afterthought  Of Your Grace  You saw my Face  As You endured the painful affliction of sin My sin on Your shoulders  Separating you from the Father  In that dreadful moment 
    Stuck like a little ring on a big middle finger Like a piece of hubba bubba bubble gum on the bottom of a germ filled school desk
Subtract from these 20 years,Those that I swallowed without tasting-Anesthetize the clocks,Sprinkle Father Time with amnesia,Whisper the year 2011,I am 13 again-
Meeting eyes with you was like staring at a picture that has been hung in the living room my whole life. You were so familiar, yet you never failed to catch my attention.  
Don’t wanna wake up if I can’t feel pain I’m not crazy I’m just creatively insane I’m my own pilot I don’t need no plane
I hope everything is well and it’ll stays yours I hope  this fire doesn’t burn you oh Lord I just want to go around the world And with you by my side we can do a lot more  
“The Woman Who” The woman who fights a millions monsters with nothing but a broom and never once has she given up a single battle who has eyes that say “she is sad”
Dear Future Sadie, I’m a big procrastinator The world is filled with amazing sights to see and sounds to hear and people to meet,
A Letter To My Virginity,  
Parents watch there childern grow-up and as they do they hold special moments in there hearts and minds. They watch them say there first word and take there first step.
Dear Apollo,    You are the God of so many things. You may have already noticed this,  but I have too.   I noticed you are the God of sunlight,
Dear Life, So far you tuaght me a lot of lessons You told me stay calm and never start stressing My childhood was the best days Now I am growing up and I am learning things in different ways
Dear Emotional Convolution,   How am I supposed to live two lives in one lifespan? It’s too much to ask of one man or woman.  
Dear Claudia, I ask you to close your eyes. Leave the pans with the plates. Let the fridge rattle in the background and the coffee cool in our cups. As we sit across from each other at this wooden table.
Dear Claudia, I ask you to close your eyes. Leave the pans with the plates. Let the fridge rattle in the background and the coffee cool in our cups. As we sit across from each other at this wooden table.
Dearest Doubt,  I hope you are doing well. I say that only because it is impolite to write a letter without proper introduction. What I mean to say is this: You have followed me my entire life,
Dear Failure:   You creep in when least expected, leaving needles behind my eyes, stinging my soul.  
Dear you who is learning to understand, It's not about you. It never really was. True, your words (like knives) cut deep into my heart, ripping it apart when I needed it mended.
i search for the remnants of the place i rest my head under a roof and four walls confine a queen sized bed a flannel cocoon where your words linger like ghosts stuck to the walls and lurking in my head
To the boy who said he can’t be with me because I’m a virgin it was a sparkling Friday night and I was feeling vibrant full of stars and confidence We had always been friends but never
Dear Mom, You were there at my first cry, as you held me close to your heart. We had an unbreakable connection right from the start. You were there when I crawled for the first time.
Dear Fear,   Why do you plague me like you do? You always manage to hold me back. Now it's time to get a new view and say goodbye to you, I'm putting you away like a blouse on a rack.  
Dear ______, You were the tidal wave to my smoldering fire The Dorothy to my Cowardly Lion The Dementor to my Gryffindor You were the thorn to my rose The melody to my song The strings to my harp
Dear Mental Health, We talked about this. You said that if I took my head meds, You said that if I reached out, You said that if I tried,
She was the mug that you had
Dear Love, People ask why it is that I am so afraid of you They say you cause so much happiness But what about the times you make people feel blue The times you cause people scrappiness
To the girl from two years ago, You do not need to be afraid, For there are worse things to fear Than the darkness that shows In the middle of the day.
Dear Fear, You are forever my companion Following me as a shadow on my mind Many times you grow, enveloping me in darkness You cannot be beaten, but I can control you
My Skai, Sometimes, I wish it would all just stop. The lights, the sounds, and feelings. I swore to myself that I would stop, That I would finally be myself, But, I guess that stopped with you.
Dear Ma, The eleventh of March Nineteen seventy-nine Baby born at this time Little foot with an arch; Her dark green eyes glistened As she looked at her mom Pat held her in her palm
My First Love,    If I could have known that love was passing me by I would have chased it.
my pencils are dull. not because they aren’t tended to, not because they’re like the overused pencils in a kindergarten class.   my pencils, they have no sharpener.
Dear Acne, Because of you I can barely stand to look in the mirror I see my facial landscape Patchy red plains meet blackhead hills.
                The Black (pt. 1) I am not sure what I was expecting Here; We have this- This potential And those who chip away at it With their gold encrusted pick axes
At the age of 3, her world was shattered. Just why would a father leave so early? Why would he quit already? Well, maybe he had his reasons. But just what could be enough to make him leave?  
Dear Best Friend,My parents thought they could save meSave me from the agony of real lifeSave me from the ugly truth that is my storyBut they couldn't 
You are the closest image of home I have ever encountered. I buried my secrets into your crumbling foundation. My truths filled the holes of your cracking backbone. You loved it; more so you needed it to survive.
                                                            My Guardian Angel                                                      1.Dear Guardian Angel,
Dear Earth, Your beauty and bright colors mesmerize me. Unfortunately, however, you’re beauty is wearing off every second, every minute, every day. Your bright colors are fading away like the blue dye of rewashed jeans.
My skin isn't pretty. Painted, ruined like graffiti. Peel back the skin, And all I find is more melanin. It's dark and tainted.
they say we don't write letters but I wrote 'em just last year christmas alone the only thing I wanted was to speak but he was    cities   towns   states  
Dear Love of My Life, In your arms I find comfort. In your face there is rest. In your eyes I glimpse a future, One that endures the burden bestowed upon it by time.
Dear Oppressor, I would like you to thank you.  Your mind may be orchestrating millions of ideas on why I would be saying thanks. Why would she thank her oppressor? Is she crazy?
Dear younger me,   You grew up to  be a young  man Spinning in my life to see where it lands I just want to make you understand
we always say we will not fall in love the Stigma that love is for children, it does not live in any of us. falling in and out of love, a relationship could never sustain between us.
 The eyes of the devil are staring at me, waiting for a mistake.           Like a predator, It glares madly to each of the steps I take.  
Dear Eighth-Grade Amanda,
“Don’t Worry”, said the salesman with the cheap suit and the cheaper grin, desperate to make his last pitch
Dear perfection, You found me as an innocent child I gazed in the hot pink mirror with daisies and sunflowers My hair in tight pigtails that pulled at my scalp My chubby cheeks that were always called cute
I lift the cool Tin pitcher, its handle Biting to my bones. Thick cream pervades Its body, concealing numbered Scars with silk bandages. I push its frigid Bottom up and the warm
  I am young, naïve. Gleaming like diamonds My hope shines out bright.   I am worldly, dark. See-through like diamonds
Dear Mom and Dad, you're who I want to thank. For being chill enough to deal with the music I crank. The two of you are more awesome than fireworks at night. And I just couldn't see myself succeed without you in my life.
Dear Heart,   It would seem as if I am stuck, Somewhere in the middle of breathing and drowning. My eyes can see,
 I love you,   That doesn't even begin to cover how much I care for you. I love those mischievous hazel eyes that you flash with all your devil's mind games.  
Being Healthy is like a Vegetable, you grow, your sweet and edible But habing a Healthy Relationship is better you have a good status and less terror.   Being Healthy is like a Vegetable
The world is a cruel mistress One moment you could be plotting along the next you are through the wringer and back Fate is entirely random So, my friends Just keep going.   Reality can be tough
Hunger.  You never know it until it strikes.  I saw it in a man's eyes, eating at him,  like the wolf devours its prey.  Hunger.  It's all too common in a society that claims to be "developed". 
My anxiety cripples me I take it on as a first line of defense My tongue’s as sharp as a knife, I’ll cut you with my words until you bleed apologies I’m the kind of anxious that gets too comfortable
I have doubts every timeYou know I doBut I can’t stop falling into the void that is youAnd even if I am absolutely sure that my poor heartWill break, each and every timeI would still choose you, again and again
Freedom they said, born into fredom. Free ideas that race like wild stallons, skipping across an empty night, waiting for them to fill it. Through the trees ripen with sumptuous fruit,
Houston, Texas is the sex trafficking capital of the United States. The average age of female victims that are first captured is  12-14 years old
Dear Future Self,
Know your worth my beautiful sista You don't need him to know your worth Your soft skin and your plum lips with your brown eyes and thick thighs Or small thighs with hazel eyes Four eyes and skinny thighs
  A warm running Fireplace had to stay Love was needed and some hugs right away It was fifty shades of grey just without the grey Flames flickering tonight but not today
Belac, my Belac, my unknowing Belac. . .    Did you know that the first time I saw you I knew there was something?  The wiff of your hair gel stayed with me Like smells that are meant to be remembered forever
To You, Maybe I wasn't the best thing that happened to you. But I did happen to you. This was real. I breathed and lived inside your heart, so don't you dare tell me This wasn't real.
Your love for me was so powerful and everlasting, It’s so strong that even though you’re not here anymore, I still feel it lingering around in my soul,
Okay, first off does anybody know what color matches with forest green? And why every street corner’s starting to look like a crime scene? Why do they got us locked up in school all day,
Dear God I am so afraid I am so afraid of being wrong Not saying 2+2=3 But of being so damn wrong in who I am So damn wrong in my choices
He started out as nothing more than the new kid From a far off town that no one knew the name Rumors flew everywhere Of him having fled from a dangerous past
Dear twin sister,  
You are my rock. When I need you, you're always there. You are like a blanket from my childhood. When I need your comfort you are there to wrap around me. You are like the ocean.
Everything seemed like it was okay, Filling myself with empty promises, but not knowing they were empty, I went through life with no meaning, coasting, I needed an answer,
Good Morning was the usual call The next was work and I struggled to see What was left of me I felt like I was in pain but with you By my side, there were no thoughts Like I wanted to fly free with you
Good Morning was the usual call The next was work and I struggled to see What was left of me I felt like I was in pain but with you By my side, there were no thoughts Like I wanted to fly free with you
it's cliché to say that he feels like home, but his arms hold me up and shelter me like the literal roof over my head.
I know I make you mad girl But you said you'll never leave my head swirled So I know I have to put a ring up on it, because commitment ain't a game
The relationship we had was not solely built on love, but I needed it. See, the tweets you posted were the first giveaway; It showed your spirit and the things you believed in up until today.
Relationships are like paper, The beauty is in the folds, But if the paper is left to entropy, The soul loses all shape and mold, Because I Love you I crease with care, As every memory pass,
Paper hearts and euphoric sighs. "IT'S BECAUSE I LOVE YOU." Skipping class and instantaneous lies. "IT'S BECAUSE I LOVE YOU."
Maybe one day, I'll hear the word love and think of someone else. Maybe I'll forget about the lies that so gracefully brushed off your lips when you said those words that were so innoccent to me. But to you, 
I've never known love Truly, romantically, Sometimes I feel that I would be satisfied if only there were Somebody to care for me who doesn't have to. Someone who chooses to, Who understands all of my flaws,
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Letter 1 [From: Him To: Me]  
Your touch ripples throughout my body, like ringlets on the water of an icy lake. In the same way that caramel drips off a silvery spoon, it glides smoothly but hesitantly.
Since you've been gone I have changed You say you moved on and that we're estranged But deep down I know somewhere Deep down I know you care Even though you say you don't I became better you thought I won't
Since you've been gone I have changed You say you moved on and that we're estranged But deep down I know somewhere Deep down I know you care Even though you say you don't I became better you thought I won't
No one understands me in the times of the shadows  No one listens to me in a world that is full You do, oh, it is percious when you do   You take care of me like a bear protects its cubs 
It's being unaware of what our future holds; It's the not knowing that I love. It's the way he gently glides his hand across my skin,  seemingly touching my soul. It's the way the light falls into the room, 
Love is like a distant cousin 
Not romanitciszing but the rather friendly type of love.  This was no self dependent type of contraption.  I thought I'd be ok leaving you behind. 
Because I love you I was in doubt. To think it wasn't a drop of poison To know it wouldn't ravenously consume You followed me around like a dog that needs water
Becasue I Love you               You are free-willed   Because I Love you                We are inviolable   Because I Love you                It is inestimable  
In life, many people will say that they love you. Is this so? In life, people have said to me “I love you” to get me to do something I don’t want to do. How does one differentiate between pure love and the tainted?
To define a healthy relationship is to describe red to a blind man. You can try as long as you wish, but it's up to him if he understands.  Perhaps he can tell you what red is to him, but how do you understand?
A heart is as big as you want it to be Say it again? A heart is as big as you let it grow like wool on a sheep. Hearts are fragile and can't prepare theirselves. Mostly, it's the brain doing the work.
I once dated a boy who told me I had a big nose I mean he also said I was ugly, stupid, and fat But my nose… that one was new  
Two hundred fifty miles away I miss you day by day You make me smile, laugh and sing In fact our love reminds me of spring
I wonder is this feeling is love  at first sight I am on cloud nine, I'm high as a kite This feeling is so scary, I just want to run Run away from it, maybe because I never felt this way b
I do not love you quite like Poe or Neruda or a romantic poet loves - a bigger-than-life love, a world-upending-passion love.
love is cared for the same way you do a tulip you must be gentle and kind like the kiss of a butterfly you must be patient and hardworking like the noble bumble bee
candy voices stained sweet with lust and desire fill the room my head the world every night on the hour like summer days too far gone the smell of burning sugar or the slippery feel of chiffon
  Looking into blue eyes Two guys, one love, nothing to hide Starry nights, clear skies, stars aligned Adventures to live for, hands held combined
When I’m not with you My entire body aches To see that sparkle in your eyes when you look at me To feel the electric touch of your hand in mine.   With so much intensity My mind races
Love is like a bunch of grapes, Held together by a thin vine, A vine built on respect, A vine built on trust, A vine built on a mutual bond, A vine that can be easily broken.  
Dear god, may I ask you a question? How could an angel of yours cause so much tension, a depression, confessions left and right, pursue a fight with no resolution then it just don't sit right.
When you feed me your love, I'm healthy, When I don't get enough, then I'm unhealthy, Take me to the supermarket & give me more love, please, Hey, can you buy this odd-looking fruit,
Dipping my fingers into your affection, It tastes like sweetened condensed milk - The way you hold me when I'm trapped in the dark, Your company such a welcome confection.  
   I lay my back against these doorsAnd crack my bones upon the decorsI wait and sigh and listen to encoreI wait and wait for the girl on the 44th floor     I ride these elevators up and downI sift silently from town to townBut away from stairs so
The Sign. They can blind one's eye and tell a lie covering the heart of Mai.   Relationships. With the kiss of one's lip and the truth be told, this can create its hold.  
Human beings, With soft warm skin, Galaxies beneath their eyelids, Are meant to be handled with care. The label, ‘Fragile’, Not visible to the eye, Goes unnoticed by many. You, however,
My name is Noor. When I was 5 years old, I asked my mother: What does my name mean? Her answer was the same as God's answer when a 5 year old Lucifer asked Him "What does my name mean?"
  As a teenager Love is a mystery It's the impossible holy grail That is romanticized in every movie,book and show. It seems as though nowadays
  Breaking through the confines of my mind, back to reality,    It is apparent that I am still sitting in the back of this
I can't live without her! From dusk to dawn she's always there  If death was brought upon her My life will be forever in despair   She's my hero! She's the strongest person I know 
What is real love? Does it exist? How can I obtain such A thing? What must I do?
This town is filled with strays Many die while others thrive No one likes the survivors.   Angry, anxious, and violent running away when they can swiping when they can't.  
The clock shall always be the enemy, With his hands of weaponry, Time stamped in history, With actions of misery.   Tick tock goes the clock,
  you cheated in the game of love. you played me like a fool. you made me happy, did she make you happier?  
Free Push her to the ground, watch her fall.See how strong you are?She cries from the pain and you just listen to her screams.Over and over again, In her mind, she dies.
  Eyes closed Light vanishes and I suddenly Become a target to my past
Love is like a flower. It can grow or it can wilt. With the perfect love and care, it will blossom into a beautiful being that gives joy to the people who pass it.
Because I LOVE you I will do anything for you  Make you feel loved and make you feel beautiful  I know it's hard to trust but I have an amazing soul I will NEVER leave you out stuck in the rain or cold
I take a view of her beautiful eyes and there, I watched her also attracted to my smile of pain Yet she stands there staring at me while I long for her hug Much comes across my mind, Was she smiling back at me?
Looking around I wonder if what I see is truly there.  If the things you lead me to believe are true; Listening half-heartedly to conversations I wonder if what I am hearing is just the sounds of the dead  Dead thoughts
"Love" is a word full of more than compassion, More than okay's, And an empty mansion. It is more than the vow that we take, Or the promises we break.    It is the words that we say,
Screams of terror and shots of death fill the dark and gloomy town. A terrible city where the desire of money, loyalty , and power are up and respect and peace are down.
When I was young I never knew the meaning of love It came one day at the tip of my tounge He was just like a dove Hair as gold as corn Eyes as blue as a calm ocean I felt reborn
Belle is beauty, a beautiful hunter. Sharp or knife and straight of arrow, asks her father for an innocent rose.   A stormy night leads off the beaten path, to a castle, abandoned by time.
she droops like a melting candle, eyes glazed,  joint smoked.                                         (in so much that the scent of the leaves is nothing like Fall, 
Upon a bed Of cotton sheets, Of pillows full of  down,   A princess rested Her heavy head, Her golden hair like a crown.    Perpetual sleep, Frozen time, 
As I lay in bed, and try to fall asleep I stare at the ceiling, and count sheep Those sheep turn to pigs And those pigs have figs   Now why would a pig carry a fig And dance a little jig
Little miss reddy Momma told her get ready Grab her basket in handy So she could go see her granny She was feeling so canny A lot of food she had plenty
This crimson cloak I wear will hardly guard Against the wolves and witches of this wood. Such blazing color makes it slightly hard To disappear beneath this flaming hood. My brother, Hansel, tries to keep away
We find it lying on the beach: A lump of scales and fingernails,  An inky trail up from the water Slithering through the sand   Its eyes open and filmy As if surprised by the sudden darkness,
  Once upon a time,  a wandering prince traveled through a dark forest. Branches creaked in the still night air glowing eyes watched from the shadows and in the distance, a wolf howled
I am fragile, Like a glass Of wine. One encounter And you can tip Me over. Out spills my pain And emotions That could have Helped you ease your pain, But you can't put me
"peace be with you" Those were Jesus last words for you Think about this Jesus died on the cross Ndio me and you to make through
Easy is to love, enemies is to hate. Envy the good souls, who still stand at the gate, Of success.   Expression is to feelings, empty is to the heart.
Tale as old as time Repeating again and again. Begining in France Then animated by a mouse. A story about a girl like me.   It's just a small town, One she moved to sometime ago.
I never call u my lover, Coz you are my future husband Who loves to care Me more than my mother
Every morning the Prince calls me to polish his shoes He wants them to shine like the eyes of his princess The problem- he has searched endlessly for the perfect lover
To write about happiness is unmarked territory and I wonder what it's like over there. I wonder what it's like to be in love with being alive.   Is it like entertwining my hands
Last year today, I was a different person. My hair was black, My body was fat,  And I didn’t like to chat.   My life was a mess,
People say "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Who says a princess needs a prince to save her? Just know you don't need a man to get through life
Descend in a bed of white pale as snow, A gleaming path sprinting far and low, A borough buried bleakly as day turns to night.
My Prince The look you gave me kind of scared me, You smiled at me and grabbed my hand, I didn’t know why you cared so much about who I was and what I did, But you did and it made me trust you,
Classic fairytales are like garbage   They reek of rotten apples   Pungently infiltrating the nostrils  
With open arms and fond embrace, like a flighty friend's return, we welcome fantasies.  But traitorous, these waking dreams lead to restless nights Amidst these visions, we gain some release but lose all sight
Depression, you're so strong, you leave such a great impression. PLEASE!  Leave me alone! Leave me alone so I can go back home.  
42 million strong and yet I’m still the only one in a classroom There sit Pantone 489, 7020, and 91-8, but nothing darker. Nothing with less sugar and vanilla flavored sugar added to the mix.
America the DEAD   No feet stood before its coffin No mourning was given Nor a shed of a tear   Whose man has spoke of this soil being   G R E A T?
The Big Apple By: Richard Le   Swishing and swaying trees, Branches and leaves moving to the breeze, People filling up the street,
In the dark I feel the veil of lonliness creep up Like an ever-distant shadow, Just waiting for the sun to set.   In the dark I feel afraid. I am vulnerable to the feelings inside that
Who would've thought a world like ours could be so mean, demeaning lives for financial stability, who would've thought time could go so fast, eight years seemed to just fly past, it's a shame that making the world great again means depriving all t
Hira Cha 5/3/17             diVERSE
America, You don’t lose. And yet you seem to have lost control over everything, even the places inside your head   You swear it wasn’t your choice.
I don’t lose. And yet I have lost control over everything, even the places inside my head   I swear it wasn’t my choice. I used to be so kind.  
Information; information!My mind inflates from theConstant inhalationOf words   Black on white  
A paternal guide’s absence made for an angered child Depressed and journeyed a rite of passage to rite as means to digest unwonted stress manifested on paper
Waving flag; Burning flag Freedom Equality Justice For all Let your voice be heard Protest Disobey
Why is it that people aren't like trees? When all of a trees leaves fall off it will be just a few months before they replenish. But at people when all of our leaves fall off we are dead. Let me ask you this...
Why did you leave me? 
I woke up watching the news A young black dude only sixteen years old and just got his license too. Speeding on the street so he got pulled over in a black hoodie, What made it look worse:
From sea to shining sea We see glean of what could beWith colors to match that of skies at sunriseIf only we'd just believe Believe the urban city scapeCan match the amber waves of grainIn unity not impunityThus is our county's bane We see fear br
Spring, it smells like dew-stained lilacs fair, Of gardens with bloodred roses blooming there. Spring, it sounds like songbirds chirping with glee, And the plip-plop of raindrops sounds musical to me.
what we have is a cautious love as though one misstep could make me fall but i've already fallen for you   you take my hand and my breath catches like a snag on a sweater
You’re a diamond of a different kind You choose not to sparkle but outshine With crazy faces and sleek lines My dear, you’re a diamond of a different kind! You won’t make it to the Queen’s ring
Trap into a lion's den Caught the eye of the grin Made me push until I sin Gave me madness So I spent Time is not on your side Just bent Come to see The many curses Within season
Tick Tock. Tick Tock As my life revolves around the same clock With the hour hand spinning at the speed of light It was clear these 24 hours have been a fight
Writhing snake flames whip themselves into and out of existence Last year’s closet doors are burning Smoky, with the sickening scent of memories of times when tightropes stretched between days
I don’t want to think. No one does, really.   Nobody wants to think about all the evil in the world, because then we would
2016 was like a rollercoaster In the beginning it was easy You know straight forward no bumps in the road Then I got a job, and it went downhill My money wasn't actually my money
Nothing is as magical as a good book, Nor as deep as the ocean, Or as sharp as a knife.   Nothing is as strong as a bear, Nor as silent as a mouse,
  As my time ages like an hourglass. I see myself looking back to the horizon. Winding back like a clock. Trying to climb up to the mount top.
Sleeps softly, no sound until poked or disturbed wakes vengeance for those
What am I thankful for? I am thankful I am not in the streets but surrounded by people that love me, not in a gang or or selling dope but always around kindness and hope.
What from my senior year of high school will still hover in my mind above the useless things I tend to cling to. 
Two-thousand and sixteen Crowned one of the worst years in many peoples’  eyes For many it was a year of distress, chaos, uncertainty For me it was a year of self-discovery, growth, and learning   January
Jumping into the year with exectations so high Played football but got out because my school work was too severe  Tried out for the basketball team didn't make it 
In the beginning I always considered myself to be like Sherlock Holmes Logical, a little impractical, stubborn, and Alone. Not by anything other than choice of course. But alone nonetheless  
Mankind, is not immortalized. We shout for freedom Cry for injustice Chant for our fallen soldiers.
changes friendships grow like dandelions through weed killer belonging a feeling never experienced before, now as normal as the sky is blue black skies late nights, struggling to pass the test pain
I'm frightened of my destructive vision people will scream and shout, ruinning my self esteem the expression from this pen is my addiction the only way to create without it going down stream  
The sun Life began like a sun shimming in the daylight Until the truth blinded the boy He is different This he did not know
You move through the days and nights in actionOnly to live in instant reactionsUrgent burst of  emotions only cloud your perception
intrusive invasive unwanted these thoughts that won't let me be free   They say I'm hopeless They at I'm hated It seems like nothing can make them stop   They say I'm a failure
I love the way you kiss me on every part of my face. I love the way you blush when I pull you into an embrace.  I love the way you giggle when I kiss your cute nose.  I love your admiration when I make a strong pose.
365 days that changed my life forever It was challenging, heart-breaking, and tough I wish I could reverse time, no doubt, whatsoever Life had never been so rough   So many beautiful lives were lost
My art’s wack, but no discrimination; Destroy the use of alliteration- I’d take the use of rhythm & rhyme over drawing and shading anytime;
Shout for joy to the Lord, and worship gladly;Come before Him with joyful songs, asserted grandly;We belong to Him, He made us, pasture of the majesty;Enter his gates with thanksgiving, fervent and radically.
Dear friend, Don't be like a smile   which disappears by a tear Don't be like my strength    which could not resist fear Don't be like my priority      which changes every year
Her eyes are as blue as sapphires When she gets shy her cheeks turn ruby red Her voice sounds like one of a choir I believe this is nicely said Diamonds represent her beauty Topaz shows that she has smarts
As fast as a cheetah, As slick as a fox, As smart as a brain, As sweet as cake, As kind as a butterfly, As good as MYSELF!  
My best friend killed himself. His picture, hangs on my shelf. A year and a half later, Still no answer can be found by a calculator. We were aware of his depression,
As our eyes connect our feelings seem to erupt There is no void, no envy, nothing corrupt. It's unexplainable but where these feelings can take us is attainable. My heart races like athletes at the Olympics
I am an environmentalistI am an activistI am a realist I am an elitist And I AM an Atheist But I am NOT a damn cynic!!  I believe that with our own hands we are destroying the organisms that roam this planetWith NO acknowledgement of the fact thes
All were hunched in fear as we looked and saw Our eyes glued to the pixels counting down The end. My father’s face began to sink,
Having been accepted into a college-prep high school,      The exhilaration spread through my body like sparks. Enrolled as a dual student in a community college,
We live to discover To bond and grow like brothers To share each thing from one to another To love each other like a child and his mother   Repeat this daily
Losing a friend is a hard thing to go through , It's like losing a part of your heart.  Eventhough you feel as though you feel as though as you did nothing wrong  It still hurts to them walk away.
My life was a whirlwind of suffering, but only within my mind. My day to day hardships don't always happen in real time. My life was dark, dead, and dreary.
Again Try to death experience Although You dead in a thousand of your poems And each poem Your soul is bleed
Winters Own Godsend.   Oh. Snowdrop, Perfect, Fragile, Pure; Why Do You Bless this Season, Which is Harsh Cold and Raw.
I lay down at nighttide Yet unsure If I’ll awake I open up my eyes wide Ready and willing to greet the day My motive you might ask? To improve, step back, and see Go through trial and error
It’s like drowning But everyone around you can breathe. It’s like a thick darkness that engulfs you to where you only have inches, It comes with the night. The sun is buried behind the hills
When I am down in spirit, when I just want to give up, like swimming upstream. When raging rapids drown my hope. I turn to my best friend, see him smiling like a dope.
A silent shadow, trying to speak. Day after day she was patient, trying to make her point. Too scared to say her thoughts, Too smart to ask out loud.
500 dollars 500 dollars oh yes 500 dollars I need it pleases like a strippers in jean like postive and negative like flirting with a girl, repetative like dreams of success
My anxiety release is witnessing the night transforming into day.     Indulging in this natural reoccurrence is like watching my fears lift with the sun.  
We sit around the table While the fire dances in the air Silence filled the room like a swimming pool filled with water Eyes connecting Hands grip tightly on one another waiting for something to be spoken
Bleak, room, sleep, bloom Glory days, blurry face A little flower blooms in her heart It looks like a precious master art She yells to the world Nature gives back only a pouring rain
My genius shocks me, as sweet as victory is, I was so shocked! Felt down by myself, sank in a ditch, a shallow pit, none other than myself Now I understand, how I was wrong I didn’t make mistake, but prevent it I can
What makes me smile? Is it being popular? Having the best car? Or Having the latest technology? Many would say it depends But what makes me really smile is... When the leaves turn a different color
That smile he gave me with those tight eyes  reflected on my face as I smiled back  I was his spawn a spitting image The hugs he used to give me bring me back to childhood.
Since when has speech become akin to sex? All accountability falls out, lifeless, writhing On the floor in a snake’s pattern.
Walking through the overgrown grass watching the winged dust motes float away I pick up the walnuts   Some lay clean, dry,
 Moving will be the wearisome and additionally incredibly dull task that is a good trouble with regard to the person who really ought to shift with one other spot.
The sign says, "No diving," but some rules were made to be broken, so she jumps, breaks the water with her hands, reaches for something shiny at the bottom of the pool
The mind of a human… Split in half With creativity and logicIt interests me, so I zoom in,
I don’t understand why it matters. Placing people in selective boxes, Boxes labeled by what they look like,
In our youth we are weeds Growing, unwanted In pots made for ourselves From the collarbones of giants. Tenacious, stubborn Stronger than flowers Who grow when invited And die when told.
Lips red as a rose, Words dripping with honey, Pulling me in when everyone warns me to stay away.   Beautiful as a God, Giving a tght embrace that draws mw in,
I wake up with anger and despair But when i do my mind starts racing Awoken from my trance i am free Ready for another day to change my life I fight this battle we call life The darkness surrounds me
You make me smile when I don't have friends You are there when it's raining on the way to school on that yellow bus practically almost slipped when I was focused on picking at your variety
Poetry is like a goddess of words that brings us mere mortals to our knees. Poetry is a beautiful art that people can use to escape the troubles of life Poetry is like standing on
Towards the words in the woods on the bike trail I enjoy riding the wind in my hair as I petal as fast as I can. It's like a bird flying it is meant to be.  
Poetic justice, poetic justice Not racial justice, Poetic justice Speaking of racial, the case is crucial Black people no longer getting ordered But now being murdered
"A wise man once said, " and when your fourth love leaves you, you will want to kill yourself. But you won't. Because you will no longer see suicide as a house you will build someday." You see, unto you, I've see an array of colors.
My head sinks unto my knees, Filled with too many thoughts, with apples and oranges and bananas, All unsorted and heavy with no place to sneeze.   But those thoughts stampede down my arm to the tips of my fingers,
My thoughts hold the key; I've been trapped in a headlock. I'm yearning to be free,  it's been hard like some bedrock.   Deep-sea, getting caried away as far as I can see: dark and blue
Given with much love by my Math & Science 5th Grade Teacher This musical water globe with pink mythical butterfly creatures Water flowing with millions of tiny glittery pieces
It started with a pen of great power Through which I sought to hold forever It ended when I lost that tool And thought I now was without rule   What I couldn't have What I didn't think I could achieve
you are as bright as the sun, a shining beacon meant to bring joy. you are as beautiful as the moon, your cracks and crevices the perfect imperfections. you are as great as the ocean,
Chloe don't cry, your tears are like diamonds, too valuable to waste. Chloe don't cry, your face is like sunshine, too beautiful to hide with clouds, your eyes creating rain. Chloe don't cry,
I just want to get something off my chest, all the qualities  that make me stress, like why my mom is so depressed, and studying for the ACT test, hoping I can beat the best.   I'm only 17,
I am plastic, Your child’s best friend, I am small and held in their hand, I am tall and pretty, And every girl wants to be me,  
I hold her hand as her world liquifies through her eyes, I listen as she narrates the lies, Recreates their lows and highs. How time flies, Only yesterday he said, "Surprise" Proposing to her, that was so wise.
Falling hard from reality, seeing the unexpected A dark, scary scene that no soul should witness Seeing a broken family become connected Yet the loved one is listless Too late, life's favorite words
As a seed sewn in the ground I was raised by word and sound Music calmed my frantic woe While Poetry pushed my stem to grow   A sapling green, yet easy to sway A Harvester came to make me stay
The earth is shaking Her legs are quaking There is no mistaking The end is near. Cuz Life not safe It's not perfect for a queer The world is drinking from Jasmines ocean -Her essence is like a beer
The earth is shaking Her legs are quaking There is no mistaking The end is near. Cuz Life not safe It's not perfect for a queer The world is drinking from Jasmines ocean -Her essence is like a beer
Words tantalize me Aphrodesiac Words mutilate me Aphordesiac Knick knack patty wack My bad   What is a word that causes jubliance? I don’t know but
      Born into a world where..we are challenged by adversity, Born into a world where..challenge is viewed as a curse to be.. the talents that are spoken.. into our bodies like the Words of God in the Bible
He is but a Rose, the undefinable beauty, an incomprehensible nature She grasps him like a child, but she bleeds. She wants to admire the beauty, his features as intricate as petals
Love, a thing of beauty Love, a relationship as sweet as chocolate Love, something I have waited far too long to see Love, I embrace you as you walk your way too me Love, now that we have met, I accept your offer
A crazy kind of feeling the young girls call fun adrenaline like heartbeats at the sight of it my mama call it danger
Sometimes I sit down and contemplate// About my life and how I’m destined to fail// And the route I’m destined to take is pale// Raised by a single mother all I had back then was her faith/
  Everybody wants to eat in this economy|| The one's at the top want to shine alone like some white supremacist astronomy|| Unconsciously controlling our sub conscious, telling it "Niggers Follow Me!"||
The name Ilanah means a tree... tree Nothing bold like 'judge of God' or to be watchful and observant or pretty like 'princess, beauty or precious gem' My name is seemingly simple
tap. tap. tap. tap. pen against paper. thoughts against head.   the question swirls around and around and around like a beginning with no be.  
<p>I'm no longer in step like a marching band member off his countsI'm no longer in the program like a singer cut from the choirI'm no longer in the loop like a roller coaster off of its tracksI'm no longer with the conventional crowd anymor
I hear the screams I hear the cries But when I try to stop them The voices reply, "Darling dear….” “You've been talking back!"
Your uncle is dead, my father says late at night in my room.
As I sat there, in the desolation and iciness of my room, I couldn’t shake the thought of you from my helpless mind, and the sweet taste of your lips forever clinging to mine,
How can something be so refreshing, Yet so draining?   An escape, Yet a prison?   Monsters under the bed. Monsters in my head.
Some might say the color brown is boring, bland, too close to black, but if you knew, you would understand; because it’s the color of his eyes. They’re not just ‘brown’.
I look, I see, I tolerate thee. For I cannot agree with your thinking, I can agree that we're all human beings. Nothing can change that and nothing will. We are not to turn a blind eye to to those in danger,
The music flies through my earslike birds flying through the wind.Swift, fast and gracefulMore alluring than the sweet sound of darkness that threatens to overtake me
Find your own voice they say! But I am in a desert and my throat is parched, Searching for an oasis of clarity. They try to help me!
Noise, noise, all of the noise Yelling, screaming, yelling, screaming It gets louder as it enters my head Headaches, not only headaches, Bruises, cuts, and scrapes too,
You, You are like the fireflies in the summer, Always lighting up when I’m not around. Taunting me with your height and the way you reach for the sky.   Me, I am like a blade of grass.
Life gave me the motions but without the vibrations Melancholy attacked and my soul was in constant isolation Life was a chess board and my king was checkmated You stay silent and tell no one assuming they never related
I hear you I hear you in the pouring rain... Words Words that cannot escape my brain. The unexplained
Numerous one of us are unconscious of a portion of the lifelines. Particularly when a crisis comes, we surrender as we run shy of thoughts. One such circumstance is the money crunch circumstance.
When all was lost and friends strode by Refusing to look me in the eye, I found a companion, a lifelong friend In something as simple as paper and pen.   They bullied me and made me sad
I am going to be honest, I hate you. I hate the way you talked to me. And because I hate you, I hate me. I hate the way we used to be. When we saw one another, we fought almost instantly.
Everyday I walk through these aching halls, Waiting for someone to help, But they all mock me, They make me feel worthless, They put me in agony, They betray me, They use me, They abuse me,
  Her pen flows across the paper like the river that flows though her little town. She found herself at that river,  every time the thunderstorms began again. Letting herself float down the river,
My depression is like I’m swimming through a deep darkness Thick and black like oil My airways are blocked Panicking desperately to reach the surface But an anchor chained to my left foot
  Febuary 2, 2015 Math. It sucks but so does my life. Nothing to do, no one to know until...he was at the corner of my eye as I turned, one that I never noticed in the room.
We are one Me and poetry are one Like my heart beating in my chest, Catching every BA-bum-BA-bum We are one Like my lungs catching every breath
She is a queen Her face like wind through winter She asked questions And gave answers In a clear voice Then knelt before the Gray Wolf Heir to the temple Before hailing the ancestors
Ooo girl, you are like a pear . . . within a pear. Woah. So thick. Juicy. Voluptuous but not too big, kinda like a poem: Perfect. That's you, girl.  
Sit and think.   Thoughts flow like a needle through tapestry. A tapestry tinged with yellow thread Yellow, like my contentment.  
Hard work, you can get anywhere if you have it It is something you have to admit And if you commit Surely you will be happy And I can bet
Interminable seas flow further than one could see An interruption and the boat begins to sink, there goes the glee My muscles ache from the long swim to sand I cling to the photo album with my cold, bare hand
My Little Sister I can't live without her her warm hugs and collection of ladybugs My Little Sister always reading books only pausing to give me silly looks My Little Sister
Take Me Away To somewhere new and familiar A place without judgment or fear A place to express the self   Take Me Away Where I can dance to the beat Let the notes flow through
Click, like an automatic switch Thoughts slowly creeping its way out, From the crevices of the brain. The day has just begun. You need to get ready for: school, work, the day Glances at mirror
You're so pretty! Your face is beat! Oh my God! You're hilarious!   I love compliments. Conceited much? No. I'm quite Precarious.  
  Wearing you takes me to a different place, Where the noises around me are no longer audible. I carry you everywhere just in case,
Friendship tastes like a chocolate on Halloween, A nice, delicious treat. Friendship tastes like a randomly picked grape, Maybe sour or maybe sweet. Friendship tastes like water after a workout,
One day I will know it, the next not, but it is eternal.   Days I will fall, but when it caresses my tresses that fall along scars and scabs hidden from the world, I rise.  
6 years ago I set my fate, When I looked into your eyes all I saw was ice, And with my firey personality I was determined to break down your walls, Not knowing you'd put them back up but with me on the inside.
What can't I live without? Well this may be hard, without a doubt A person, an object, or even an idea you say? So a friend, a stuffed animal, or even the thought of being on broadway?
I want to shine like a star Go far, to be close to one's old self is too closed Minded, I have a hope, been on the down slopes Now I'm on a roll, I'm sure I have a path
God of mercy, sweet love of mine, your love is like a radiant diamond. Such love I cannot contain, like a blazing wild fire. On the cross you shed your blood for a sinner like me. I cannot live without you.
There's a hole in my soul and a hole in my sole It hurts when I dream and it stings when I walk   There's a mountain staring down at me   A silent letter (doubled, sixth to the end)
A book I love, a book I need, for what to carry on a deserted island than a book with seeds.   The drawings that grow of the dangers I see, my journal I keep them in
She is bent impossibly, her wits have no end. But there's no muck in her teeth or alcohol in her breath.   There's a glint in her eye, questions drip off the tip of a sharp, tongue.
Strength. The word so demanding, so  strong. If only I have the courage to be strong to be fearless to be.. me. Its not until we are alone that we experience reality
If I was to put into words The most necessary thing in my life I would be doing her an INJUSTICE   She is more than just a thing She is more than a common annoyance
I still think about you.And it's been years. So long ago that the only actual memories I have of us are before age five.
Ive been thinking bout you a lot lately..Maybe a little too much..Breath stinking roaches on my tooth brush..Wishin i was on the road cooking like a food wishes grantedhate waking up now cus school sucks..  Eyes tearing up.Wish i had some
Water pouring from the sky   Evading our dry space   Wearing down our homes and businesses   Erasing entire landscapes  
i believe that we don't have to listen if we stay strong we can do it.
Your scent is my drug. When I inhale I am brought back to an unreal reality. The way you touch, feel, and sound Comes to me like a car accident on the freeway. Fast, hard, and uncontrollable.  
Oh lift your heads sparrows And sing the a song Let it be marry With a chorus of birds Oh let the notes ring out, echo loud like a gong And do not quit singing Til' everyone has heard
It's a necessity to my life, without it nothing would be right. It brightens up my day, and gets me through the night. Grasping on my hopes and dreams, bringing them to life.
I sit down and get ready. I play one note, then a second, then a third, and then I'm playing the entire song. My fingers glide across the keys of my black and white life.
If I should shed All of these Unnecessary superfluities Let them fall Like plumage Or foliage Or broken links from mail armor If I should slough them off As a viper rips through
At sixteen I knew and at seventeen I fell.   You and I will howl to the moon for every night to come. Pups will weave
Sunny days coming my way up on a daily base.
Sunny days coming my way, up on a daily base.
Blue skies, minds connect, pulling me with you Love is a beautiful thing, that’s true, Like plague filled land - ruin stalks what you do; Filling my heart with emotions of doom.
Now, it may seem a little strange- You’d expect one person, place, or thing. Yet, all I need are words to fill the empty space.   Words have power, much more than you or me;
Sometimes, I just feel alone. Not lonely, I have plenty of family and friends. I just feel an absence. I have this strange sense of seclusion, Like an isolated prisoner. Other times, I feel withdrawn,
Love is purple. It smells like fresh flowers. It tastes like chocolate melting in your mouth. It sounds like a heart pounding. It feels like the warmth from a fire. It looks like a goodbye hug in an airport.
I can hear the clock ticking. My ears are bleeding. I hear your voice in my head. I am choking on my spit and you're snickering. I wish I could hate you. You revel in the blood pouring from my veins.
sometimes i think i can be a poet.i idealize the way a writers words flow and connect with each other,the way their meanings dance with my soul, like wind through hair.
All my heart, With the blood it pumps. All the air, That fills my lungs. They could take it all,
Like a flame in the wind, I've been flickering. But I promise I'll never burn out. 
Hivi Kipi Kati Ya Hivi Chenye Mamlaka?? Na Ni Kipi Chenye Nguvu??? JE NI NCHI MOJA MOJA KAMA BURUNDI AU NI OAU a.k.a AU??????????????? Kipi Kina Thamani Zaidi Ya Hivi????
Deep in sorrow she pulled me up from the ground were the tears started to wallow.  She inspired me to be my best at what I choose to do. She's an old spirt but a young soul. She's kind, caring, loving, and most of all crazy in every way.
The automatic sliding doors give a loud smack, Like the sound of a glass jar splintering as it meets hardwood, And Marina jumps, Clutching her handbag to her restarting heart. As she stares down at the worn floor,
She rewards us with a sunny beach day, We repay her by hunting her offspring.  Sooner or later her love will decay,  She'll reject our pitiful offerings.  We call her our mother she gave us birth, 
O America How sweet you are.... How kind and gently you are To represent freedom and equality How just you are O how much mercy To only have built your self from slaves and hypocrisy How just you are
Everything I’ve done must be a joke to you. It has to be. That can be the only reason why you don’t trust in me. You always gloat about how you have helped me and just want the best for me. For once try being honest.
February 5, 1999 My name is Amadou Diallo.   I had just returned home after getting something to eat. Four men in plain clothes slowly drove past me. Parking their car they began to close in.
  home is built upon wood and cracked hearts with doors slamming like gunshots and the dining room tables has been split   home is a funeral in my chest
I tried to hold on sorry I let go, lost my grip hand slipped then I lost all control Anger embarrassed me and it got the best of me
You were right, In the world's eye Sitting at the height until you die.   See livin' breathin' ain't that simple, Nothing like a clanging symbol. You got to make a choice,
The Dance of Death Death can be the burning day, Death can be the chilling night,    
Oh Love, How pure and true you are, so delicate and unwaivering. As dainty as a rose bud climbing from the embrace of the wet spring dirt. Like the purest of spring water, we taste you and in that moment,
I close my eyes to see a pain that's rooted in my psyche a pain that's like a vine choking out a tree.  Why, I ask, won't this pain leave me. Why, I scream, did he do this to me.  
Seeing you is a bitter-sweet feeling. Bitter is the taste of your carelessness, of your lack of regard for me, your dear friend.  Sweet is the taste of your words, your glances, your secrets.
I have been hiding it for a while, Battling, fighting to win a raging war. I try to hide it with a smile, This predicament I did not predict before. You do not know what I have been through.
One in three adolescents are victims of cyber bullying. Now I don’t mean to belittle, but i’ve never understand cyber bullying because your eyes are your choice and you can turn away.
I clench my fists, Close my eyes, Scrunch my nose, Before I faint And become impervious To the noisy background at hand. Sick. I’m sick; Sick of all the limitations
I was blind and now I see, The best things in life are usually free.  A solution, an advice, not to be your client,  Love and honesty defiantly move in silence. A needle in a hay stack, a problem with no end,
Are you trampled like a rose dying so slowly inside feeeling the chills crawl up your spine carrying the weight of pressure on your shoulders bringing you down so much you lose it
How good is it to be known. Only those who are, feel among. To be important is like to be, on top. A shining star. As most would say, being popular. But what is it really, Isn't just for recognition?
MJ got out again tonight. My dad and brother take off in one direction on the long boards; I walk in the other   And you find yourself in the most peculiar situations.
  I saw you with your new girlfriend a few nights ago.  Your hair was slicked back. You were wearing that tux I picked out for you, the navy one. You seemed to be having a great time.
What to write about love, hate , and all things great What to write about movies, music, sports What to write about cars, buses, planes,and trains What to write about
  The naive daughter of two people who could never decide if they loved each other. A broken marriage.  Calling the wrong faces “friends” and the wrong feelings “love”.
A small sigh escapes my lips. A wisp of steam curling upwards from my hot drink
I am alone. Do you know what it feels like? To be abandoned. I do.My mother didn’t want me. Now, I’m around all these people Who don’t get me. I feel so Alone.  
I don't see the world the way that you do. I see colors and shapes  I see people and places Where others may only see a brick wall Or a fall. I look in the mirror and the shapes spiral out
To know that i miss you so damm mcuh when you leave. To know that i need you ike the air that i breathe. To know hat i want you a passion so blind. To know that i love you with no doubt in my mind.  
I cry so many tears   like silent waterfalls trickling over hard rocks in ponds. I  stop,recover Then go into a deep sleep trying to forget.
They always tell you what you cannot and cannot be, I never focused on them, I focused on me. Yes, maybe I like to read my books instead of party,
I am uncertain, What should I write? My mind, a swirl of thoughts, Each with its own story, Yet I can not choose!   My time is running out, My poem will soon be due,
A piece of clay on the molding board Constructed by the hands of an artist and teacher Purpled by inky fingers I spin in a whirlwind as the wheel rotates
I am like a Tree in the Forest, Like a quiet, swaying tree That starts as a small seed, But grows so slowly, no one notices. It stands tall and firm Against winds and rain, And grows,
Very rarely do we hear about America's First People and our plight: the Native American, American Indian, the Indian, the redskin, the descendants from the Trail of Tears.  We've been called by many names.  But not much is remembered or said in hi
Rhythm; A regulated beat or pattern of sound. But that is not how I roll, that is not who I am. I am wild, irregular even, and nobody can stop that.   My beat drowns out everyone elses,
What is life, is it as big and mighty as the Metropolois, Or is it as miniscule as the ant we tend to trample upon and underestimate What is life, is it as beautiful as a daisy in the summer breeze, 
Your beauty was overwhelming and your smile seductive. The words you used were endearing but destructive. My days with you were fantasies, and now my days alone are torture.
I just wanna say something to ALL women ..  You're beautiful & don't let anyone say different .. You're more fine than a ticket .. Thicker than a snicker.. You walk pass & they all shut it down like crickets..
I just wanna say something to ALL women You're beautiful & don't let anyone say different You're more fine than a ticket Thicker than a snickerYou walk pass & they all shut it down like crickets
This poem is as boring as math class But I really don’t care, This poem is as long as a river, And you may think it’s not fair. This poem is as tiring as a workout, But you really shouldn’t pout.
My vison is not clear. I think about this a lot. Is it fear? Prehaps im over thinking this to much. Faith please give a postive luck touch.   My vison is not clear.
Loved ones are like leaves. The wind may take them away, but beauty will come.
How can I be sure? He says he loves me, but does he truly mean it? How do I know? What is love anyway? Is love the way he holds my hand, or how he says my name?
Why does high school change people? You have kids that are mean to you when you're younger, and you have your friends. Then those friends turn into the mean ones. My parents don't always let me out, I don't know why.
Sleep consume me  into a comatose state of mind
I am from the city of trees I am from family get togethers with evening barbeques roasting lamb kabobs. I am from spending the summer at Grandparents, gaining 10lb eating grandmas delectable cookies.  
In and out like a perfect breeze I seem to be Remember my touch forever on your soul The effects of my presence makes one intoxicated in Hennesy Which leaves one wearing a smile worth Earth's precious gold
Through my window  I stare at the night, Watching the blurry Figures pass on by, Illuminated by  Lighning bugs buzzing On the tips of their poles.   People pass on their
Kept me locked up like a wild animal where my only friends were the scars on my hips  and the voices in my head. Telling me all my wrongs  as if I couldn't already see all the sins that lie within me.
I Am Sitting on my bed
I am a listener, Awakening to the sounds of the day, Swaying to the whispering rhythms that no one else can hear, And feeling cool, like in awesome, with goosebumps on my arms.  
Warning: This poem contains explicit words. Fact 1: I have spent £5.87 on self help books Fact 2: I have read 60p worth of these books
Flip the page  To come across a spell Like a mage But spotted about a word of myself dwell I defined as spiffy Being strike as average But on the inside as iffy I can be a bandage
Words, so many words but They can never express fully the feelings that swell inside  threatening to spill out onto the sidewalk who's cement tries to be strong but 
For me there is no other option, But up. Up faster, farther, further. Gripping each branch I propel myself Higher above gravity. Determined to feel the breeze, I climb,
Falling for me is falling for the broken one,
I often dream about my future and I am afraid to see what it will offer, but then I realize that it is all up to me. I decide whether to follow my dreams and hopes or to let them all go and become something I don’t want.
Precipitation descending to the soil. I’m loyal to the Most Royal. Though I fault, my soul’s seasoned with salt, Plus, pepper to deliver letters of encouragement
Deer’s Eyes I sat there on a cool fall day, So much time had passed away. As the sun began to drop for the night, I saw a glimmer of a beautiful sight.
Dear me:
I have been to so much in my life when i start high school my mother went to the doctor cause she was having a bad headache she couldnt take it no  more but when we get to the hospital the do some test for her .
I love you like a drunkLoves a drinkLike my skinLoves the kiss of a bladeLike my dogLoves table scrapsLike youLove herI love you desperatelyWholelyEndlessly, passionately
I'm like a pebble I've never been anything more than something as common as that However, it's that very average, common pebble that the not-so-average shoe kicks around.
No matter how many people nod
The sun had risen to the sky
I am who I am A young girl with old ways, deep inside her Beng the only child, the first grandchild, the first niece
love is like a rose when your cut it bleeds like love could feel that pain.
Strange it may not seema bird in a cage,if it could fly it may intervene  
"STOP!!!", The word the soiety says, People are born to be different they say. But when you are, they push you away. Our life is ephemeral so why live not day by day,
2 a.m. caught up in my feelings got your image running through my head flipping through the scenery   lost or lonely  I don't know  can you tell me what I'm feeling  
*/ /*-->*/ The old sweater I hadn't worn in awhile –
*/ /*-->*/ I like to watch
You can be the prince And i could be the princess Cause i must confess You are looking so fresh What you know about love? I know youve been hurt by someone else Your not easy to love like anyone above
Everyone is unique in their own way, But I; dear Reader, strive for it. The Past shapes us and develops us, Like a teacher does to a student. If we grow up in a broken home, We grow old in a solid haven.
I met a boy on the outskirts of campus, playing a game of frisbee.   his eyes shined like oceans shimmering in the very depths of the beauty in  the place mermaids call home.  
Dear whoever it may concern, I truely believe I am in love with you, the way your eyes light up when you smile, like the sunset has decided to visit me every single day.   You say that I'm insane,
My soul Is like a polaroid: Something beautiful waiting to happen, But turned dark When exposed to the world
The rich are the popular The popular are the elite The elite are the privileged They have no passion to succeed   To be in the aristocracy I wanted for myself before
Cold piece of steel on hip, full clip Got the gloc in grip, ready to spit bit down on my lip to see if it was real, but I couldn't feel it
I have seen the Rainturn out to be a Small Streamwhich sailed paper boat,gave a lot of joy. A flock of birds chirpinghad make worried and happy
I am Paper If simplicity is beauty and bliss, complexity is just as alluring
I just want to feel loved and needed. Day by day these wants are being buried right along with my heart. I suppose I'll still do for you/ only to be screwed in the end by you. Love is being lost and forgivness is nowhere to be found.
Even though tainted by the world like a smokers lungs Our mind yet retains a small fickle light
Even though tainted by the world like a smokers lungs Our mind yet retains a small fickle light That light is multifariousness such as flowers in the Keukenh garden Time will pass Our light will fade
Somehow out of this bright, illuminated room a fog began to seep in. It began like a low, slithering snake, then rose up and swallowed the space whole. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear.
There is so much to do but so little time. You could find what you've lost; you could lose what youv'e found. But only you can deicde what is good for you to hold on to.
Like a Pringles can, Except it holds our refuse. God bless these great things.
I felt so hurt inside I didn't know whether to live or  die never smiled because all I did was cry As I let your abusive words eat into my soul I thought how can a person be so cold ?
I have never been the most wanted; the slim-figured prom queen who has left many boys brokenhearted. I haven't been brought flowers or teddy bears I can't fit through my door frame.
People are interesting: are they not? You may never agree completely and sometimes not at all They are always changing. Because most people are dynamic beings, not static beings,
I keep running from my fears, Torwards my happiness. Blocking out the bad, And absorbing the bliss.  Putting up a wall when I meet people, So I won't get heartbroken.
I have lived a live of turbulence
Oh geez I made your face red again And made the blood rush up to your ears Your body heat begging to be cooled by normalcy Invisibility And I get excited Ah, your fingers are trembling again
I am like a piece of fine china-- I was born perfect; no chips, no scratches, perfectly beautiful. my colors were once vibrant and bright and everyone adored my newness.
I feel so alone
In shards, we are Broken pieces of glass Scattered to the wind   Like windows, you can see right through us Bur mirrors, our reflection does not show We are diamonds with high class taste
  The phrase, “I am bored”, little do I know, It’s the condition which afflicts the majority of our very own, A precarious ailment that seems to never let go, But can indeed be overthrown
What is your Anthem? How do you convey it? To scream and shout at the top of you lungs  Or to quietly sing it to yourself To rebel against labels Or to embrace the perks of it When the lines blur,
My words are 
Smiles bright as the sun, Laughter loud as a lion's roar, Memories burned into my brain, The warmth of their presence, Intensifyng with every second.   Those smiles are wondrous,
Sometimes we hold on to our failures and depressing past, And allow those events to define our untrue, discontent character. Beaten, battered, and treated like an outcast, Left to battle the war as a lone challenger.
  Wonder. We are full of wonder. We wonder how, We wonder when, We wonder why.   This sense of wonder Keeps us alive, Keeps us curious, Keeps us asking questions.  
The calm before the storm The rainbow directly after The way people can come togeter Followng a disaster   A sunset that marks the end of another day - Something that should be sad
Eyes. The pathway to the mind. The gateway to the soul. The eyes never lie When your heart has bullet holes. Brown, blue, green Maybe a jumble of all three.
'Everyday I groan,
"Everyday I groan,
There’s an abandoned lot beside my bus stop, a barren block of concrete vacated after floodwaters swept the local businesses away I’ve crossed this lot for years, at dawn with puffy red eyes and midnight with blisters on my feet
Tasting the music. At first, not knowing What your ears enjoy. The sounds of the beats Passing through your mind, Clouding your head Day in and day out. Soon enough you are
Life is awesome… Whether you’re a flower ready to blossom Or a man waking up to a “good morning!” Why do we humans ever have mourning? When the birds are permitted to fly, We humans are free to question why.
   This world, the crime, my life is a fight.
Her, How her smile is so bright her heart so mellow arms keep me warm at night sunny like the sun thats yellow the way her hair sways as she walks in the room ill be with her always
"A Villanelle with Initiative" Look at the rising sun, Kissing the earth with rays, Who will I be when it’s done? Calm and pure as a nun, Mature beyond my days, Look at the rising sun.
I can see it now. My best friend will sit beside me in her chair, rocking as we laugh about past mistakes, screaming at children to get off the lawn. She has never had a boyfriend, as if she recognizes
When I want a new experience,   When I want to be captivated,   When I want to be taken somewhere,  
It takes a storm to clear out all the rain, It takes time to heal a little pain. Sometimes the good times only last for a sec',
I bought a nice new pair of cotton sheets this week to replace my old pilled polyester sheets.
  A frisbee flies through the air like a Red fighter jet fighting an enemy fleet.
  A frisbee flies through the air like a Red fighter jet fighting an enemy fleet.
"No one loves you the way I love you", momma often said.
A sky without stars...
Like a maiden faireShe waits a while;A strong young woman combing her hairHinting at a fateful smile.
Times are tough my life is Wretched
For Auria:    Momma always told me not to judge a book by its cover,
"Butterflies are a sign from God," she said, with no devotion to a diety of her own. "It means things are or will be okay," her grandfather used to say. I saw a butterfly today. It fluttered past and around,
i don't want to be a piece of art 
My days aren't always great, but when they are, it's very sunny. Sometimes I may run late and have to hop to it like a bunny. But boy you should know that my life is crazy awesome
The big red horse Walks up to the gate, A spring in her step, Blaze bright on her face.   As they wait for the cue, Her muscles tense up. She stares through the gate
In seeing a fly there are two paths you can take: you become susceptible to its nuisance and strike with no motive, or you can simply ignore its annoyance.
Humanity at heart lyes in the soil, better known as mother earth.She keeps us alive and well as long as we abide by the laws of nature.
I am a man of integrity, A man of honor and character. I am a man who will fight for you, And with you But never against you. I am a man who will open doors, But not close them.
You are a liar You told me later but later never came
I think you all know this, To God we do belong, To him we depend, Let him be your friend, For he is always there for you.
Laying on the floor At the bottom of a pit Created in my mind All the light drained from the world.   A rope fell to the bottom Brushing my hand Begging me to grab on.  
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Children, Romance, History Any genre of book is interesting, Some even include audio for listening As you read, your imagination comes to life
There is a boy, He sits in the corner And says nothing. He does speak what he feels For fear they will strike him down. They will call him names. Fag. Gay they will call him
I wither my life on a deserted island, Accursed to spend eternity awaiting a stray hero[1] ! A hero who will use me, and a man who will abuse me
The awesome part of my life, No, it's not about me getting a wife, But about my dream to become a chef, Yet i have some time left. Ive always aspired to be a smart man,
Being black is like a lone woman in a dark alley at night
To my dearest best friend,   People don't expect a guy and a girl to "just" be friends. When it comes to us, the rule bends. We understand eachother like a well-known riddle. From the outside, to the middle.
Life is as AMAZING as an OCEAN wave, How the waves glisten over the horizon of the sun,
            A daughter depends on her mom like a soldier depends on his men,             When she stumbles and falls, her mother is always there;             She will grasp her hand, and guide her through rough waters,
Fluttering, Floating, Falling Pink Petals in summer's day breeze Glancing, Prancing, Dancing, The bright, sunny day to seize.
She is soft, like the slow kiss of a crisp autumn night, yet strong, like the determined root of a beautiful cherry tree
I lay in bed,
The epitome of selflessness dogs see past imperfections. If you need them theyll be there with unlimited affection. For pooches love us more than themselves. In exhange for a loving home, for simply being treated well.
You were the rose, but with thorns, One touch and I bled,
Pain, pain, so easy to feel, so easy to see
Life is hard. Sadness, frustration, anger, and stress These emotions are what I know best.
Within yourself are the values of life, Where sometimes you reign or may go through the struggle and strife. The power within you, you must fight every day, Keep your head up and avoid disarray.
Waking up in the morning to that yellow ball of fire is like dreadful confidence to get up. It gives you hope by letting you know its not to late to find "that something".
His world was finite, With colors of yellow, green, and orange And a little bit of brown. His world was speckled on all sides of him; All three sunset walls. The only variable was at the zenith,
Every now and then, you find yourself in day dream thinking about the days to come At any moment life could start, in contrast it could all be done Days passing like a freight train carrying time you can never get back
Let's see, me trying to write this sonnet. Nope, not going to happen, not at all, Looking for inspiration on the wall. I have written three lines! Nope, forget it.   This is going to make me throw a fit.
Developing movements from the tip top of your head Attached to the sound that makes your body move like a thread Never stopping, never dead Captivated by the lyrics being said
I stare out of the window  whispering to the lonely midnight  "Why me??" It was my 8th grade year  When I  died,Not on the outside but the inside Because I was called a Nerd,Dork 
I' am not a poet. Yes I make music and im on iTunes and Spotify, but, I' am not a poet. I feel as if I am famous and I can travel the world, but, I' am not a poet.
With a little bit of hope, Anyone can make a change. Anyone can learn to cope, To what life may bring us.   A slice of friendship, Will let robins defeat sharks. None can stop hope,
Black skin
Titanix By: the dog It's sad cuz my favorite movie is the titanic. Because I like to think that I'm a hopeless romantic. I cut lose and open the schematics to my heart.
Like lions dying In cold concrete zoos That have become The safety nets The rules and regulations Of the noose which has
With words
  Missing you like the stars hitting the morning sky; but I never compare myself to the last guy. I believe everything; Everything you've done from the beginning.
Yet the things that i love
Mother, mommy, how wonderful you are.You’re definitely the one I adore.
As time passes by I sit and wonder
The day I first met you, I will never forget It was a chance encountering Not one I did expect   To me you were nothing, A rumor, a myth, To me in my world You never did exist.
Stages of Eternity By: Carly Hufford   Countless light bulbs with iridescent hopes lighting the dim night, reminding me to live is to soar beyond the scrapes the pavement gives me. “Mama,
  There is nothing more Extraordinary
Life is something that you should make awesome No matter what harsh things may come your way Like a sleepy sloth, it can be tiresome But all the negative thoughts you have, you should slay!  
I didn’t take that razor To end my life Or to show the world How unhappy I was
I was glowing and I was beautiful, 
Walking down the street Looking for something I don't know Why don't you try looking for it yo As long as you don't steal my flow
They put a bullet in his head while his hands up    Said he refused to stand down   Everybody thinking just for them to man up   They gotta put a man down  
J is for joyful A is for addicted
        Losing isn't defeat, defeat is when you give up.            Losing is momentum, to win the next.           So when you are unsuccessful, don't give up.    
Lost and insecure  You found me  Flooded with pain  It's driving me insane  My life's ticking like a clock  Moving like a snail over a stick I have to stop myself 
Spring is like new beginnings Like new shoots, leaves and blossoms Like fire melting a world of ice Chirping birds seeking worms Like hearing nature come alive
When next you cross that road,
I Swear
What is my story, you ask? Not one that can be covered by a mask. It involves venturing into the dark ocean Looking towards a better future with devotion.
Coerced merely by exterior attributes and perishable riches we as humanity have taken away our ability to decided; capabilities to love and ways to teach.
          Behind the Mask
  My closet is full of blue, with a few olive greens thrown in for contrast, but my favorite color is orange.  Not the florescent kind but peachy orange of a sunset in winter Orange that streaks the skies
All eyes are on me, my knuckles start to bleed. I scraped them on the desk, my mind is a jumbled mess. They asked me what I'd want to change about myself,
Descartes' famous words,     "Cogito ergo sum." I think, therefore I am.  In my mind's eye, I think that children are born pure white. I was, at one point in time.
I am not perfect. Me, a girl with freckles that appear all over my body, 
My words, rearranged to please a society that can never be pleased. Pleasing a society where others rather see you begging for help than see you succeed. My mind stays busy like a hive full of bees.
The moon is a symbolDespite the darkness, somewhere out there is our source of light
Wow is all I have to say After seeing cast a way poetry is a way to vent mom needs help with paying rent Everything I say is real  words display the way I feel Writing trying not to flip
RAW What is it like to be just you Y outhful with hope filled eyes O r do you hide yourself from the world U nder many cover ups It isn’t always about looking my best But the most Raw version of me
I was never the one to let an i
The veil has been lifted the masquerade is over; Alone I have prevailed                       
People are like puzzles, sort of, in a way… They are made of many pieces, a patchwork of character, experiences, feelings Like a quilt or a farming valley, so different and unique
We’re all artists, painting ourselves the way we want to be seen. We have our distorted self-portraits on display to the world, but we rarely let authenticity slip through.
She's unique and delicate as a flower, Not so much like a Gerbera, but more like an Orchid. Her dark almond eyes penetrate your soul in just a glance,
I am flawed I am broken Who knows this? One look in my eyes and you can figure this I give this token One which is my heart My eyes hold more than my soul
Middle School began smooth,
They say I have big eyes So I can see truth through your lies They say I have big lips So I can speak my mind
Four letters carry conspiracy-theory sized opinions of a word that we hope exists. a word universally intertwined in our bones pulsing through our spirits and sidewalks. a word hidden in the most common places
I go about my life busy like an ant on a hill, but one day I stopped and decided to chill. I found if I listen, it's not that difficult, I could find some peace that wasn't invisible.
Roses are red Violets are blue My name is Nick But for some odd reason Some call me Nickypoo  
Who am I? Do YOU know?
Everything is going just right, so far in my life.  I was born on March 19,1997 Unfortunately, December 29,2005, when I was almost 9, my grandmother died. And went back to heaven.
I am calm like the river gently flowing knowing fairly well where I'm going. I am free like a bird flying overhead but not so free as to choose when I'm dead. I am small but I can make an impact
Nature consumes every part of her being; filling every square inch of the body with natural entities.
In my own skin I am me Its hard to accept, hard to see Day in and day out I'm told differently That everyone should accept the beauty I must be My skin holds a story That can not be explained
Life glows in your eyes, Life as bright as the stars.   As I hold you in my arms, I'm in awe at the miracle you are.   Because you're as perfect as a person could be,
Every word that he spoke dripped from his tongue like a melting popsicle as I was left to try and mop up the puddle. He was a 1000-piece puzzle, a puzzle I convinced myself I could single-handedly solve.
Permanent scars penetrate the soul As eyes stare into the overcast world outside these wretched walls Screams build up inside the mind but never enough to break through the armored body
  Memories are a part of me, They drift apart from me. So many thoughts, just like my old matchbox cars, Simpler times---remember pogo sticks and toy guns,
                                                                       “Crown Me”……. by Colbin Hubbard Who am I? Oh not to you, Your opinion doesn’t define me.
    Who’s to say that who I am is wrong?
With out a filter My eyes are a pair of c list stuntmen Imperfect but BoldMy nose is large But has potential that is quite undersold My lips are doors that are blocked by the ruins of broken pride
Mirrior, mirrior on the wall who's the fakest of them all? With the title of fairest claimed My true identity has long been chained My voice no longer has meaning It counts for nothing 
A poem written for people who are tired of being labeled.  
Looking into that silver has never felt like gold.   In fact it is more like looking at an empty galaxy
I saw your smile falter as you stared into my eyes you pretended to see the stars and skies you pretended you never told me lies  
Following what society thinks is right I try to alter my camera light. This will create the most optimal picture, And allow me to avoid the tedious stricture. Pictures are only one side of me, 
In the unchecked corner There is a darkness that thrives. It lies, and bides its time Slowly consuming our lives.   The "weak" and the "cowards"
Slowness and patience is what makes you
Flying Lotus fills the cavity
Walking down the street, life moves slowly As I run into people and fall onto the rough concrete. Bitter voices and yelling catch my attention, But the powerful wind propels me into dangerous roads.  
People like to talk about how other people are instrumental in the world. They call their friends imporant "elements" of life, which has always interested me. In fact, if people are elements, 
Handsome, clean-cut, a rather dapper young man, Smart, cool and calm. Looking my best at all times, I keep a nice, fresh, haircut with an awesome line-up. I'm a young black man only portraying himself,
Some may think I'm happy and fun, carefree and patient although I'm none. The guy with the oh so perfect world, school, the family, and the girl. But underneath that smooth exterior, lies a broken man growing wearier.
she was always afraid of falling in love
Defined like a line I am straight forward drawn for a purpose. I have a direction a meaning. Defined like a line There are no sounds when a pen hits the paper quiet is my serenity.
No makeup. There's a bump here and there, blackheads and redness, and pores that I wish were smaller. My hair down. It's curly and imperfect, It's way too short and thin in the front. My stomach and thighs
Our playpens are coliseums
This glass house i live in protects me i see all that  happens outside but yet it still does not affect me i see playful birds i join in song but in their trees i dont belong, and the storms no matter  will never be able to hurt
What is life? is it a thing or is it a given blessing? There are so many questions in the world. How do you know what is the answer to the question?
Lost Like A Grain Of Salt In A Sandstorm. Living Life Without Proper Purpose. Staring Into A Reflection And Seeing The Unknown.
Like a drug store cassette I was blank, mummified
Powerful and Strong, She controlled the room. She was Queen of her audience,
There’s something
Broad shoulders, But not broad enough. Can't carry those burdens as big as boulders.  
A mere whisper whose mind is as loud as roaring thunder whose thoughts are jumbled with black and white, no grey, has big dreams that knows she should be afraid of but is ready to conquer them, that is I.
When I think of you,
Like chocolate in the sun, the wise are melting away And those that are left are invisible during the day It seems as if I am of the last few left Since the world is a map, my life is a quest
I had one of those dreams last night; One where the wind sings a song made just for us. We danced 'til the act was unbearable, And wore smiles til they were unwearable; Our pitiful, melancholy groove,
People say that I'm nice because I am generous My friends say that I'm fun because I'm adventurous But it takes more than two characteristics to be flawless To be flawless you have to be blessed
I was taught since birth,Trained like a circus animal,To focus only on my flaws,Ache over every splintered quality,And strive for perfection.  
The pen is my compass The paper my sail They take me to new places On a see of words and dreams
Hey girl, I can see from a distance that your name should be diamond
what is perfection? what does flawless mean? Some would have you believe it is the way you look They want you to submit to the media's view of beauty
When life leaves me with an overwhelming day, I close my eyes and to Him I pray. I put my trust in Him, for I know Hes there.
Disarmed of all the constructed pride Once carefully built like a house of cards The creature flows naked with nothing to hide Growing tentacles extending towards stars Unknown and alone even with one of its kind
Her clear water vision, Something so honest and true, Her eyes quite the sight to see, Only the bluest of the blue.   Blue eyes widened, As she stepped through the door,
I was 4 when I held my brother in my arms with a grin on my face
I'm worth more than a thousand sunswashing away at the darkness of those around memy voice blooms roses with the way my wordsgrow thorns yet project passionate beauty.
It disturbed the surface of your atmosphere,
We all i heard of a Ram pushing a big boulder out its way, but do we know why? is it because it proud of it powers or is it's trying to give a heads up to the other rams not to be mess with.
On Saturn's ring she sits crossed legged sparkling and stiff as a crystal
What is a name to a storm?The first identifies ind
We all have dreams, though most seem to never prosper We all are sinners, nothing can save this gospel The pigs we gobble, the devil we follow, the poisons we swallow, all lead to evil bethrothals
The smile you see is uniform Underneath lies pain & anguish Fears of tomorrow Yesterday's sorrow   Path seems forever unknown Feelings frozen like stone A painted picture of happiness
I like it when it rains it's the world telling you that you are not the only one who feels this way that sometimes the world is sad too.  
Nature is a mystery, but I am unique. The world spins around in an orbit, but my head spins through imagination of wild stories. Out of boredom, the weather becomes a hectic storm,
Jonny's something flawless. Cause I'm not falling I'm the opposite of August. Nothings stopping profit from residing in my pocket Sike, I'm broke as pasta before diving in its haunt of hot water
There are 7,289,823,512 people that I'm- stealing from, sharing with, against, along, trying to please.
Paint me red for all the lovethat I have on the inside and around me.Paint me green for the evil of moneyand watching my baby girlgrow up like a tree.
To have 
My flawless imperfections were made by God rigid skin, like the after effect of lightning versus a rod a black heart was made darker by man the kick start to life, man will not understand
She looks in the mirror Seeing the burning pit of sadness Within her blue soul.   The fire is bright Dominating everything. Every thought.  
there's something so very strangeabout having to rearrangethe thoughts inside my headin order to go to bedbecause i just want to sleepbut my brain wants one more peepand, Lord, here's my soul to keep
When people look at me, I don't know what they see. But whatever they do, It probably is not true. The girl deep inside is wanting out of this prison. She is on an endless mission
The painful words escape her lips Piercing my fragile heart with every word she utters I try to not show the pain but every now and then I slip
I sat and watch the stars above How gracious how belove The nature and the love The earth is full of beauty, With nature unity What a blessed creativity
My hands are clutching my hair I’m trying not to swear Nothing is working out I’m going to shout Everything’s going wrong I just wanted to belong Why can’t they understand?
Scars on my hands from the kitchen knife mishap,  cat-related incidents like claw marks or the time the cat food 
Blue eyes and auburn hair. Does anybody really care?
I used to form myself with the clay of others Building myself based of other people’s ideas I was a baby, with society as my mother   Now I face the reality If I go through life hiding behind a mask
I'm the seeker  I'm the first blood-line mute  watch these people hide there problems in these high security coops I see the things their to afriad to reconize  I'm the beacon we all seach for 
Mama I love you more than any other on Earth. No matter who came I always felt first. To you, I am a blessing and never will be a curse. No matter how wrong, You never changed my worth.
From our view the moon goes into secrecy almost every month; it simply makes itself invisible to or eyes, but it always comes back; the moon aways ends its secret ventures. Maybe we are sometimes like the moon,
My thighs expand the length of continents But the breasts I was given cannot be confused with mountains My hazel eyes ooze the color of a muddy emerald sea But the pores on my face are often compared to broad craters
A sapling stands in the forest,
A singer stands behind the dark cloud of a curtain, waiting for her call. Her body tense with anticipation, excitement and dread blow over her like the angry wind before a storm.
Like a sunflower, I am growing.  As a child I was a like a seed, 
Myself: who am I? Should that be a question or an affirmation? Who I am... is wonderful. I cannot be anyone but myself.  It is funny to wake up every morning being the same person...
Every day i try my best not to procrasinate sometimes it seems that it is faith. Somedays it is not as bad and some days are sraight up sad. It always strikes with no holding back as if  it loves to attack.
Lonely nights sitting in my room
I am soft as sand Harder than stone Prettier than a princess  Ugly as beast I am me A little insecure but somehow managing to pull off confidence Shy Yet funny 
"I am no bird," That's what she told me. "no net ensares me." Those words are true.    You strived to be more than a bird, but, You found yourself caught,  defensless, trapped.  
When I feel like I've made a bad decision Like giving too much of myself Or taking advantage of someone else Poetry replenishes me. When I do things that cause me to feel empty I write, and my words heal me
I will take hundreds before I find the perfect one. It is imperative to pick the correct filter. It needs to make me look tanner while also concealing the bags under my eyes.  
I am not interested in being seen as ugly as a flea-ridden rat or as attractive as a shiny pearl, And I care not for taking "selfies" or using social media to acquire friends or followers.
My eyes decieve me like an illusionist decieves his audience. The slight of hand producing questions no mere mortal can answer. This magical state of mind driving a wedge through reality like a knife.
True Love I remember growing up wondering where true love lies Believing the things of the world that was truly a lie Fame, fortune, and power soon came to thought
Let the music play... To end the illusions of... Pride that cometh before the- Fear like a snake consuming itself,
She knocks on my door and asks me to come out. “No,” I answer, but it’s not my voice talking, it’s his. Raising my 6 year old niece has not been easy, given I’m also raising a young man. His name is Depression.
I walk the halls among 3
I arise with the sun, and shake free my wild mane.
If people only realized this is as loud as I can be I won't bray like a donkey just so you can hear me. Just because I'm not boisterous and annoying Dosen't mean I'm also always boring.
My kind have been here longer than most. We are warriors, Nobility by deed. Worshipped for our beauty and strength,
Flawless, how you wake up. Or Flawless, putting on your makeup. flawless, getting clothes for ten dollars or twenty. Still flawless getting Prada purses by the many. Flawless, depicted as how you are seen.
The walls are not as strong as they appear,  Flawed with cracks and thin as paper.  Exuding strength, they ward off anyone who is near. What looks like stone is only vapor. The smile that shines is genuine,
Will I see you
I am a goddess A creation so divine that - galaxies will swirl in my veins- black and blue like a brusie so freshly wrought that the tinges of purple seem to darken the hues
life is a bleesing but life aint fair blows from each direction put a knife right here dreams aint distant but they dont seem near so the first we gotta do is face our own fears
Do you know how hard it is to find a gem that is truly completely flawless? Why do
Beauty lies within me, No filter aka "No Filly",
A butterfly flies into the blue sky.
Do You Ever ?   Do you ever wonder where the moon goes when the sun comes up?Does it disappear or is it just hidden?  
Growing up I would always let people push me around, But now I never even get close to the ground, I'm flying.
I’m not one who has an alter ego,a lie people create when they’re feeling shallow,an ideal to covet and try to uphold,when in reality they are much less bold.  
Head to Toe Where No one knows the real story of your soul, They see your hair and when They stare,  They seem to care Care too much of how You look. They think they'll read you like a book.
An artist at heart can be the windAlthough people cannot see the strands of a breezeThe soft blows can still be felt against one's skin
Turn, turn, turn the pages
Every girl dreams of the perfect life, Getting paid to smile or being a trophy wife. I think we want it easy, but that is not our call, We want to erase any chance that we may fall.
Me on the edge, academics were on a ledge. No longer the excuses, education all wins no losses. My visions of success were clouded by stress. I needed a motivational asprin to ease me on my test.
If I May… You’re the friend that I care for, And support every step of the way.
I hated school, now I realize that I am a fool. All I went there for was to see my friends, I had to know the latest trends. I didn't want to wake up on time, but now, i don't possess so much as a dime.
Our youth seems to be caught up in a rapture, where Perfection is the bind Daring to Be Flawless. Outer beauty, wealth and name brand clothes
  I am like a banshee wailing desperately in warning, whose call is heard but never heeded;   The tide, who forever grows in courage,
Quaint is the old banter About the immortal lantern Sitting omnipotent on this constantly withering earth Along the geranium-colored hearth Speaking to the dusky night As breath leaves the nest
A selfie should be a self portrait of the real you. No need for a filter, it's just a glimpse of someone you wish you knew. Natural beauty comes from the person within... So why add a color to the wonderful skin you're in?
heat sweat bloody noses.  
The heart is like a breathing storm, a galaxy Filled with colliding constellations and black holes of life,
My sound? Is a silent night, I have no music no beats, or rhythem. My sound? Crickets on a summer day. When I was born they sang. My sound? Is a soft noise
The radiant one who shines like he's flawless Head held high manner was lawless Born an expert others left seemed novice Mistaken for ground beef because of my rawness Its eloquence
A mind as vast as the universe, Can get lost in the depths of time. But pause, Look around at your company, For the stars will be your guide.
People judge me how they see me Sometimes I am a turtle taking life slow I am who I am not who people want me to be Though hurt I don't let my emotions show   I'm like a beaver trying to make it on my own
We fly on a scope and hope for a better future with that one person we love the most. Like a wedding
Sometimes I wish I was like the storm and the wind, Never stopping, passing past everything -- once -- and moving on. Sometimes I wish I was like the snow and the rain, Falling softly, wildly, blindly, freezing, wetting.
Flawless The word with many meanings meanings that vary from person to person whether it is based upon beauty or the way you act around people, my definition is different
A natural-born leader A teacher, A mentor, An instructor, Someone to count on. I have been called these things since I was young Teaching my younger brother Spelling, Piano,
Simple and Nice Is what others see. A shy little girl; That's displayed through me.   Quiet and calm; Like an ocean sea. You might even hear waves, If you listen closely.  
Its another night I wake up in cold sweat, I rember how youd bring the sunshine so bright so full of life i always thought you'd be my wife now i see you not so far away with someone new when you left me with broken promises while my heart turns
Friends can makes you laugh and make you vdy They are awesome people that help you up They can be a pain and can be a blessing You can rely on them always Just like the moon relys on the sun to shine
I am a red headed girl,with a freckled face,  I wear shoes that have no lace. I do not curse and  swear That's mean as a bear, Jesus is my light in a dark path, He has blessed me with math.
why must we constently care  about what others share  care about what others think always uploading social media links wanting you to feel so small so nothing about me will matter at all
So I just did a spoken word poetry today during Sunday Service and guess what? It was bad, literally bad. Bad from the compostion to the articulation of thoughts to the actual voicing out of the words.
Who needs all of these filters and cameras? I simply use my eyes for life's wonderful panorama, Hashtag this, hashtag that, I'm too skinny, I'm too fat. You are what you perceive yourself to be,
our world today is harsh, we are left with blood and scars. because someone hurt us in our past, and we thought we would never last but here we are standing stronger than the u.s army ready to fight.
Perfect, flawless, ethereal. These words, when assigned to one human being, banish the rest to a mediocre Tartarus,
Life is a wonderful gift. To often though we begin to drift. Materialism captures our lives. We forget who we are and strive to be rich. All too suddenly life crashes down like a giant avalanche.
You act so tough, You act so brave. But really, you are the empty beer bottles that you used to hide.   you couldn't face the world with who you really were. you had this foundation
Always balance above an Angel; She can Dazzle us. Observe old Grace, And know the Demands. You will model Success. Break free your Talent; See only Potential. Preform through Passion.
Flawless me? Couldn’t be. That’s a funny thought. Well, then again…still, no:   I speak in a squeaky key, My voice gets easily caught, I refuse to slow   I take everything too seriously,
I stand before you today With a confession Oh, but I don't know what I want to say
Swimming is fun, Until you start drowning  Life is like swimming under the ocean 
I have many names.Some call me Aphrodite or Venus,But you know me as Beauty. Don’t listen to what others say.I am not vain,Only aware I am what God wanted in Eden.Am I wrong for enjoying what I was handed?
I don't like that there's no mail on Sunday's. Every day you go to your mailbox Finding magazines and letters and everything in between.
To be honest,  Society, It's the worst, And it's the best.
  To outsiders I’m just a simple, plain wallflower. But if you look a little closer, beyond the closed off petals you’ll see that each petal tells a story with a little bit more power.
Bare feet. I'm not bare feet, but I love bare feet. My bare feet that is. I love the feeling of my 
I am not going to give a sob story I am not going to give a glory story I do not have any horror stories to give But if you look into my heart you will see the only story I live You will see who I am
"The Door
The pressure to meet the mark of a standard that is ever heighteningAnd never compromisingIs seemingly an everlasting presence that can either be disregardedOr
I often wonder how I got here  
I walk the halls with a mask on my face, I adjust my smile, and alienate myself from their world, Headphones in tow, I’m just another face you see in the halls,
Today the world seems incomplete,
Change I was a powerless scared little boy I remember seeing my parents fighting I heard yelling, screaming, and cursing I saw tears bursting on my mom’s face like fireworks burst into the sky
My best friend never tried to change me She only amplifies  my love,  my passions,  my spirit. She brings out the  best in me. When my world is  crashing down 
A million stars up in the sky one shines brighter I can't deny A love so precious a love so true a love that comes from me to you The angels sing when you are near within your arms I have nothing to fear 
People are not much different than seasons,
At the end of the day I reach for my face and my worn out mask comes off to reveal. My true skin,
  How can a mouth be so encomiastic? ...Yet fickle
Traveling companionless through the dark snow  Lonely as a ghost wondering around A black chasing shadow continues to follow A huge treasure that can never be found Loud laughs can be heard from far away
I am a dog But not any dog
NO one can change me, not the way that I think, the way that I act, or the way that am. No one can change that I been brought to this world as a king and will live on my thrown.
I'm hollow, never unbroken. 
What is to Live? Is to Live my scucess? Is to Live my failures? Is to Live to try and learn it all? What are my footsteps, what are the words that I speak into existence before me?
Can you see the madness behind my eyes 
    Religion in School, one way to be treated a fool. Don’t share your religion with us we don’t care. Told to kids throughout the year.
A smile is not an invitation.    A young girl, only eleven years old Far too young to become a damaged good.  There was no screaming or shouting that day, 
I've been stupid I've been hurt I've been stabbed in the back But am still standing And I've cried And I've pleaded On my knees Yes am still standing I've been in pain
the beat of my heart, like the beat of a drum the world goes numb i aim, take my dart and hope i pin u and win ur love
The sun stands strong everyday,
What is good luck without there being bad luck? How can we see a rainbow without the cloud-darkened sky? How could the stars shine like diamonds without the blanket of night?
Remember when we fell in love?
As water gushes down the rocks, never can a tree nor dam hinder its path.
I was misguided. My demons would taunt me. Convince me to wander on countless occasions. I'd roam around until they'd finally attack. They always did and always do, as soon as they see their chance. They feed on any sign of weakness.
They make me happy. How they sparkle and shine, A golden brown, Like the rays of the sun. You make my heart melt. Your eyes so beautiful, I can't control myself. Your eyes so beautiful,
My mask is more like makeup. I don't hide behind an imitation, there is no shell. I conceal. I hide the blemishes, blend them into the background. I love to win, but no one sees how much I hate to lose.
Theres an artist behind this Idiot Theres an Ocean beneath this pool and it's full of sharks I present a calm surface because no one can fathom the depth and once they stick a toe in and realize there is no bottom
Brock Light broken glass everyone makes mistakes it gives people pains, and aches.
im sorry if i made u blue all your life im sorry for your life im sorry for you  do you forgive me im sorry about your life
What is a friend? If you are unsure, I can tell you more? Friends are not selfish This I can say for certain My Friends are not the normal type They are loud, proud, black and bright
Life is full of challenges.
Orange, red, yellow, brownFalling from aboveBlowing over townLike the travels of a doveLeaf piles galoreTaken by the breezeSpread onto the floorMess taken with ease
I have classified myself as an independent person Until I found this. It is called many things, but I call it choir. The lessons I have learned are abundant
Oh no! The words flew from the mouths of bystanders seeking the cause of the accident. Not me. The bitterness of my salty tears flowed down my face like a thunderstrom swirling in my soul. Not emotional tears. Laughing tears.
Life is a fresh loaf of bread A thin layer of butter Melts into the rounded top, Strengthening its savor. The outside is crisp             But not too hard The salty inside
It’s hard to imagine where I’d be
Little dreamer,
I dreamed a dream of a little girl in a yellow dress She was dancing with the white roses Her feet running gaily Her arms twirling as if she was a ballerina She turned to smile at me….
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