Noticing Nuances


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Dear Apollo, 


You are the God of so many things.

You may have already noticed this, 

but I have too.


I noticed you are the God of sunlight,

the same sunlight that slides slowly over my cheeks as my eyelids flutter shut,

the same sunlight that cats curl up in and plants stretch their green leaves towards,

the same sunlight that is reflected in my smile as if it was the moon.


I noticed you are the god of prophecies,

the same prophecies that enchanted my mind as my eyes scanned the lines of  novels,

the same prophecies that drip off of tongues and leave a newfound knowledge,

the same prophecies that are a feeling of ease only remembered as deja vu.


I noticed you are the God of music,

The same music that dried my puffy eyes as it drifted through my headphones,

the same music that children hum to and churchgoers shiver at,

the same music that I pour all of my heart into as I gaze up towards you.


I noticed you are the God of medicine,

the same medicine that soothes my errant nerves as panic flares up inside my heart,

the same medicine that makes sick men walk and lets the depressed see the light,

the same medicine that my father and my aunt depend on as they live their lives.


I noticed you are the god of poetry,

the same poetry that lets me lose myself in it as each stanza ebbs and sways,

the same poetry that readers memorize and lovers share within notes,

the same poetry that flows onto the page as each emotion is snapshotted.


You are the God of so many things...

and all of them are so amazingly gorgeous.


With devotion,

the one who notices



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