Thu, 01/29/2015 - 00:54 -- LeeS.


Hey girl, I can see from a distance that your name should be diamond

Not because of how bright you shine but because of how rare you are to find

A good woman is hard to come by

And the qualities you hold are above the standard line

I'd like to know your name though I should introduce mine

Poetry is the air I fly high on and creativity is the vibe

But I'm much more than just a free-spirited artist

The visual produced before me has seduced me like a push start with no car keys

I need permission to open your doors for I am not the owner

But once I'm in,

The previous owner will no longer be of your concern

I'll inherit the dents of your past and fix them my self with tools in hand

The broken rearview mirror can stay because of what's behind you isn't important to see

The only thing important is the drive to go forward and though the mileage may be high your performance is first class

So please, don't ask about why I decide to drop a smile and say hi

Just respond positively to my try of obtaining your keys

And if my effort is in vain I pray there is another better able to satisfy you to where I couldn't

So without further ado, my name is... 

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