America's Foundation

When I look at paper I think of this cruel world,

Separated by race,

Unlined by unity,

Words not being fit well for the community.


Two lines separating each side,

I know you see that red line that blacks cannot cross,

Yet we cross our own line and mistreat our people,

But tell people we are not created equal.


Our line is not noticed , 

We cross paths and is not focused,

What we fail to acknowledge is we are all one,

Yet we can't agree to come together 


Doesn't it take a line to have stability to connect to the other piece?,

So why fight about who is in the seat when you missed your commissions meeting?,

My pencil is turning weak on the thought of our daily needs,

But we do give government officials a reason.



Like how we go to funerals dressing in white and black,

Then next day that color is not your type,

Color is not appealing,

A spirit that is a whole is real.


Unity and peace is just how I feel,

Now I know you may take it offensive but protect your rights.

No matter the skin, 

We can all be friends.


Its the key for our nation to win ,

Freedom being a fresh start,

Blood do not need to shed on our part,

Taking back America is what we need and by voting we can achieve.


The government has what we need,

Let's stand and demand power,

The future does not stop in a hour,

Together we can build laws as big as a tower this can be our happy hour.






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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