He Died. Our Epistolary Love Lived.


Letter 1 [From: Him To: Me]


Dear My Daughter, My Friend, Elizabeth,


Because I died for you, I love you.

I died so that you can live.

But, I live through you and you through Me.

The Cross of Calvary bares truth to the endless tears, sweat, and blood I've sacrificed.


Because I love you, My blood washed away your sins.


Just like that.

Just like a tsunami,

My love created a disturbance in your life.

It grew and grew and grew; till finally, it capsized you:

Your flaws, your mistakes, your insecurities, your regrets, your fears.



Till no longer you knew

Of the things you once did

Or the pain that you carelessly hid.



Nostrils, Intake the freshness My love brings you!

My love transports to your heart on the highway called Lungs;

They breathe in the savory taste I offer you.

Heart, do as I do — give life.

Give My daughter life!

Elizabeth, do as mortals do — live.

Don’t just live,

Live through me.

I am your supplier of life.

I am your supplier of love.


Because I love you I am telling you this now.


I’ve always known that you are not perfect.

That wasn't my father's intention.


What I have always known is that

the One that is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

Do you not believe so?


My death IS the greatest love you will ever receive.


Now tell me, is there any other love greater than that?




Jesus, your Savior. XOXO



Letter 2 [From: Me To: Him]


Dear My Father, Jesus,  


I will change!


Because I DO love you.

I do love you! Can you hear me? Are you listening?


Your love is so sweet to me!

Its residue films my lips with the savoriness of its goodness.


Your love is like a sunset,

Its rises to shine over the Earth bringing death to the darkness in my life.


I believe in Your love.

I've never experienced a love purer

Or clearer.


It is a love that holds me when I cry at night,

A love that allows my spirit to take flight,

A love that ignites,

A love that I take in so much pleasurable delight.


Your love is everything to me and so much more.


….I clung to the things

that made me bleed, for so long,

Because it felt familiar

Rather than basking

On the peace

That You offered

In the unknown…


What a mistake it was.


Upon weeks,

Upon months,

Upon years,

I've failed you.

I've failed your word.

I've failed your death.




I shower with your blood.

It rinses off

My sins,

My iniquities,

My shame.

It runs through every strand of my hair,

Coating it.

Coating every fiber of my being

Bringing a pleasurable sting in my eyes,

Carrying an unidentifiable aroma.



Your blood is red

It washes away my sins away clear —

The Color of Water.


Asking me “is there any other love greater than” Yours is a question I can answer to,


“NO”, a thousand times more.


Yea and Amen.







Letter 3 [From: Him To: Me]


Dear Elizabeth,



My Love

Is undefinable.

It’s undeniable.


It is your supply

And demand.




You haven't my Daughter!

You have not failed Me,

Nor My word,

Nor My death.

My death was for you to be able to freely renew yourself.

My gift, this love,

Was for you.

It is for you.

It heals.


You will not stop seeing My flame.

The whitest,


Hottest flame.

It is burning in your heart.

It is My vehement flame.

It is My jealous love!

And it is consuming!!


You feel tainted by human love?

Worldly love?

You feel stained?

You bare pain?


Yes, I hear you.

Yes, I am listening.


But, can you see Me?

Can you see My love?

Can you see My flame that has lit you on fire?

Can you smell the withering of your iniquities?

Can you feel Me?

Can you feel My love?


My flame,

My fire of love

Is such a Holy love!

And it is so pure,

And it is so perfect,

And it is so purifying,

That it heals the memories


Your pain.


It totally consumes

Your stains

So that I, your Lord,

See you not with any spot

Or wrinkle,

From anything in the past,

Any experience,

Any relationship,

Any way that you have been touched  

By the love that wasn't the Holy Love of God.


Even if it was human love in the best it could be

There was something in there,

That some….feel

That they’ve been tainted

And they've been stained

And they're somehow not acceptable in the Beloved,

In the eyes of the Beloved.


He is saying, through Me,

There is fire burning like a flame

It is more jealous than the grave

it’s so vehement!

I am healing you right now with My love!


….Some don't even remember,

Some don't even have memories

And it's going into places

And Spaces

Way back in their lives.


My flame.

My love.

It is consuming.

It is pure.







In this moment,

In this time in place,

It is totally consuming you!

It is totally healing you!

It is totally freeing you!!!




My child,

My bride,

My friend,

Understand this

….I do not see any spot or wrinkle in you.

I only see through the eyes of My






And you are perfect to Me.

You are perfect in Me.

You are perfect because of My Love,

Consuming you.


Because I love you,

I hold you dear and near to my heart,

My Body,

And My Soul.







Letter 4 [From: Me To: Him]






All I want

Is You.

All I want is Your love.


Love is in Your blood.

Blood is You.

You are me.

And I finally realize,

Because of Your love,

I am love,


Love is you.


I love You oh so much!


Because I love You,

I cherish what we have!

I FIGHT for what we are:

Our struggles,

Our memories,

Our battles,

Our tears,

Our laughs,

Our smiles,

Our pain,




….Our love.


I fight for our love.

Our love has no definition.

It...it is undefinable by the words of this World.


Because I love You,

I kneel at Your throne.

Because You love me,

You have made Your throne available to me to kneel at.  


Because I love You,

I come to Your river and drink in Your Spirit.

Because You love me,

You have given me Your spring of life to drink at.


Because I love You,

I rest in Your presence.
Because You love me,

You have allotted me Your presence to bask in.  

Because I love You I love our love.

Because I love me I love our love.


Because I love You,

I will keep writing You.

I can't wait to see You when next You come.

Our love will be avenged.


Because I love You,

I will keep waiting.


Write back soon.

Until next time.




Your lover, Elizabeth. XOXOXO




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