BTS: My Euphoria

So much has happened

So much has changed

When you debuted

People laughed

Judged, and didn’t believe

What you could become


As years went by

You made history

You were different than others

Your fandom was a family

A place where life begins

And love never ends


You taught me that

Happiness comes from loving myself

You are truly the cause of my euphoria

When I watch videos pf you

I feel like I’m in Utopia


BTS you are truly extraordinary

You send us positive messages about the youth

You teach me that I shouldn’t look at myself

Through other people’s eyes

But instead my own


I shouldn’t worry about other people’s opinions

But instead, dream my own dreams

You tell us that we shouldn’t shutout our voices

And listen to other voices  

You tell us that we shouldn’t lose our name

And sit quietly


You taught us to listen to ourselves

To not be hopeless

You are my ray of hope

My sunshine

When I’m at the bottom of a hill

You taught us not to quit

But to fight and be my best

I will continue to stumble and fall

But you will always be there for me


You taught me that my faults and mistakes

Make me who I am

These mistakes are

Are making up the brightest stars

In the constellation of my life


Because of BTS

I have come to love myself

For who I am

And for who I was

And for who I hope to become


Your music

Your message

Has helped me

Overcome my hardships


Now I learned to love myself

Now I have to learn

How to speak myself

I learned what makes me

Truly happy

What makes my heart beat


I had a story

That I thought no one would listen to

But now I want to speak up


You taught me that no matter who we are

Where we are from

Our skin color

Our gender identity

To just speak and love ourselves


None of that matters

Because we are all one

We are all the same

Regardless of popularity

You taught me to just love

And speak myself


You taught me how to find my name

How to find my voice

By doing what I love


BTS is whom I look up to

They inspire me

They send a positive message

Through the music

BTS is truly extraordinary

BTS is truly the cause of my







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