A dream, A dragon slain

Upon a bed

Of cotton sheets,

Of pillows full of 



A princess rested

Her heavy head,

Her golden hair

like a crown. 


Perpetual sleep,

Frozen time, 

"A curse,"

The kingdom whispered.


But in the head

Of the sleeping girl,

A world of light, of magic 



Spells spun amongst

The jeweled flowers, the darkest corners bright.

From her fingers

Flowed a power, turning blackness into light. 


She weaves each and every shadow 

Into shafts of shining gold.

She gave darkness love and death new life,

A sleeping world, a story untold. 


When at last a dragon came,

Claws sharp and fire roaring,

The princess tapped its frozen heart,

From stone to life, transformed. 


Only later, eyes now fully open,

The princess saw the floor,

Where lay a prince,

Dagger in chest,

An empty kiss, no more. 


The princess looked at what she's done, 

at the darkness she had spun,

And, with one last look, she lay her head

Returning to her world of one. 














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