The day I first met you,

I will never forget

It was a chance encountering

Not one I did expect


To me you were nothing,

A rumor, a myth,

To me in my world

You never did exist.

Until one day on a snowy

December night,

You showed me a world I 

Never knew. 

I never dreamt

Of it until

I met you.


You truly are an unknown genre.

An enigma of sorts.

Until I read you from the inside out,

I could never tell what you

Were all about.

You are like a puzzle,

'Enjoyable to play,

But hard to solve.


I remember when

You told me once,

Long ago,

That I reminded you of a Raven. 

You said, "You are a Raven in which 

You are not tied down by the

Gravity of this world.

A Raven speaks what it wants to 

Be spoken, and sings

As it wishes. Never forget you are 

My lovely Raven."


I didn't understand the sweet

Words you spoke to me.

Looking back now I realize I was afraid

To fall in love with you

Afraid that if I let you

Break down my walls,

I would come face to face with

My worst fear



I loved you until it was 

Hard to breathe, to think, when

You were around.

I never knew how it felt to 

Care for someone 

The way I care for you.

And now that I love you

I'm afraid to lose you.



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