I have classified myself as an independent person

Until I found this.

It is called many things, but I call it choir.

The lessons I have learned are abundant

About team work and leadership and humility and making mistakes

The list is endless, as is the impact on my heart.

Choir is defined as

“…any group of musicians or musical instruments; a musical company, or band, or a division of one.”

In the dictionary but I define it as much much more.


Now shift –

It also the source of my heartache. I have always

Been a sentimental human, capturing moments that mean something to me

In paper pieces and photos and trinkets

Because the memories always flee.

I have pages and pages of programs with names

Of people who I will always remember.

They say kids and teens are impressionable and I used to

Disagree about myself but

I am impressionable. Singing with the people who have become my family

(As the upperclassmen always predicted they would)

Has left an impression in my heart

That I intend to fill with their memories,

pakcage away and move along.

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