The Doll

I am plastic,

Your child’s best friend,

I am small and held in their hand,

I am tall and pretty,

And every girl wants to be me,  

Molding their physique to look like me,

Wrapping waists till they suffocate,

Skipping meals till they turn to bones,

Rubbing chemicals on their face,

Just to attain my flawless face,

I am the idol of our Nation,

Your children sing my anthem,

Bleached heads are my creation,

Empty faces are my salvation,  

Your children are plastic,

Mothers child proof the doors,

Baby proof the walls,

Dangers of germs and spiders

are way too small,

Don’t take your dear child’s doll,

Let them see models on tv,

Edited spreads on magazines,

Skinny mini girls like me


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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