Stupid Choices


Stupid choices

You don’t hear our voices

Telling you to stop

Pretty soon you will be facing the cop

When you’re cutting deep into your arm

You’re not only causing you harm

You’re hurting us all

Pretty soon you will fall

And we will feel it too

It’s not just you


When you lite it up

Or pour you a cup

It’s like an alarm to us

You’re causing us all a fuss

We don’t want to see you on the news

Seeing the bad choices that you choose

Seeing the way you abuse

Why can’t you stop the use?

Because you’re tearing us all apart

We can feel the ache in our hearts<3

How many times does it take?

For you to awake

For all our sake


We are going insane

But you can’t see the pain

How many lessons you won’t learn?

Before you crash and burn

Something so small

Can turn into a brawl

Right before our faces

What happen to the happy faces?

Why do you keep lying?

All we are doing is trying

hen we see you crying

Our hearts start dying

The pain won’t go away

We want you here to stay!

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