Real America! Real Hope

                                               Never thought that this could happenThat we will be discussing the valor of LifeReal America is known as Free placeBy America, we see Freedom, we see HopeLife is something who everyone has the right to have.Are we really Free? If so why do we let innocent people died easily?Why are we stopping them from enjoying their lives?Why are we separating them from their beloved ones?How can we be proud to sell people’s lives?And listen carefully -only for the sake of moneyThe US government should be securing our lives not letting us died unjustly?To you receiving money and allowing America to lose its children: I hope that one day your eyes will be wide open to define better the truth.To you selling your guns only for-profit and not caring about others, remember that life is full of surprises.It might happen to my neighbor today, to me tomorrow but don’t forget that you are next.Please wake up and make a change now.Many people have lost their lives.Do something today.Americans wake up today because your American dream is being evaporated.Let’s achieve our promises now and save our beloved ones.I hope and I dream of this future where the thirst for power and money will be a stranger for all of us.   

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