Rise Up and Revise

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 23:57 -- Keynan

I lay down at nighttide

Yet unsure If I’ll awake

I open up my eyes wide

Ready and willing to greet the day

My motive you might ask?

To improve, step back, and see

Go through trial and error

Become a more superior me

To mingle with others

White,black, and in between

To see others as people

And try to refrain from being mean.

To learn a new word

And know what it means

Progression is my determinant

It’s why I get up

I rather live an honest dream

Than one that’s made up

When I first arise from bed

A knew day is acknowledged

I’m working towards my goals

That’s why I persevere in college

Each and every day

I wake up with one plan

Advancing in life is vital

To me being a man

My seatbelt is fastened

On the journey through a new day

I put my thoughts to action

In a unique and positive way

As I seek and venture out

And try to accomplish today

My catalyst is growth

From the moment I’m revived

Whether rain or snow at sunrise

I’ll try my best while I’m alive

Life is like the ocean

Won’t sit back I’ll take a dive

When, I get up I ask myself

Visualize through my own mind

What is the point of living;

If you don’t attempt to try?

Take a risk or expand horizons

Face the fact one day I’ll perish

Stay driven to ameliorate

And accept the life I cherish

Like a plumber tweaking a faucet

I have some fixing to do

Get up and mend myself

Until my library book is due.










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