Secrets of The Devil's Mind

 I love you,


That doesn't even begin to cover how much I care for you.

I love those mischievous hazel eyes that you flash with all

your devil's mind games.


The way you intentionally piss me off

just to hear me apologize later,

for reassurance that I will always be there.


Like a volcano in the deep, sun-dried valley.

Where nothing but your imagination can hide me.


You make me want to blow my top,

destroy this world all together.

With all your hypocrisy, and your denial.


I love the way you try to be toxic for a woman's approval.

Making up white lies, lies easy to be caught in the act with.

White lies so unbelievable, that those who didn't truly know you

would think that they were true.


Like ghastly flowers in shades of fire,

we struggle to keep each other in line

without burning up.


I loathe you,


I despise your frequent attempts

for attention with the devil's attributes.


But I love your angel soul,

too gentle to actually hurt anyone,

at least- anyone you actually care about.


Those moments when you truly smile as yourself,

that is the man that I love, the one I consider my family.

On the exterior of this life we have tangled together,

In knots and twisted thoughts, spiraling out of control.


I'm glad I can see the truth about you, around your misconception.


This is to the boy of whom I grew up with, my best friend.

The boy with an angel's heart, and a devil's mind,


I love you.

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My family
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