Her eyes were as brown as the mud we rolled in that one afternoon when we were kids. 


Her hair is as black as the asphalt we'd run on at recess when we were in 3rd grade.


Her lips were as red as the balloons we'd get at the fair. 


Her kisses were as soft as the fur of the teddy bear I got her when we were eleven.


Her smile was as bright as the sun on a bright, Saturday morning.


Her hellos brought me joy as if it were a kid in a candy store. 


Her goodbyes hurt as much as a razor scooter to the ankle. 


She brings me happiness like the kind on Christmas morning. 


She makes all of my worries go away like a dreamcatcher makes all the bad dreams go away. 


She makes my heart beat fast like a race car on tracks. 


She makes me smile like a kid smiles when they see a puppy. 


She brings my mood up like a push up ice cream. 


She motivates me like a motivational poster in an English classroom. 


She's my whole world, and I'll never stop loving her. 

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