Strange it may not seem
a bird in a cage,
if it could fly it may intervene


The bird, you see, must be suppressed
to help maintain order,
They say it's for the best


Living to please the ones with the key,
Follow the rules,
and maybe then, you'll be set free


Can't help but feel that something is missing
Things may change
if you just sit, hoping and wishing


Once you're let out you feel out of place
It feels so foreign,
having all this space


Like the bird, I long for something more
To fly away,
and lose sight of the shore


Try to fly and I'd be constrained,
because I know a colorful life
is a life that needs to be tamed


Even free there's a certain road.
items on a conveyor belt,
with our own bar code


Becoming products of what they want us to be
just like the bird,
I am something unfamiliar to me

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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