Unbreakable Diamond


I'm hollow, never unbroken. 

I'm Marina from the Diamonds.

I'm you on your birthday.


Oh no. She's so easy to talk to!

Oh no! She isn't inconsiderate!

Oh dear! She's very sweet!


But God, sweet heavens, no. 

I am not.


I am fucking crazy, but there is nothing wrong with that.  

I am a narcissistic bitch, but I'm perfect, so it doesn't matter.

I am competitive, but of course you wouldn't know about that.


But, that cannot be revealed.

It's ugly, and I cannot appear as ugly. 


I'm scared to fail.

I'm scared to be judged.


I'm better than you.

I'm your birthdays.

I'm Marina.

I'm the diamonds.

I'm hollow.

I'm unbroken.

I am me. 


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