Dear Whoever it May Concern...

Dear whoever it may concern,

I truely believe I am in love with you,

the way your eyes light up when you smile,

like the sunset has decided to visit me

every single day.


You say that I'm insane,

and you laugh because you love the insanity.

You tease me about my messy hair in the morning,

but kiss me into silence,

whenever I get mad about it.


the way we laugh our butts off,

when we play video games,

and you kick my buttox,

but I still manage to try to unplug your controller.


Most girls want their guy to dress up

but I'm always happiest,

when you're dressed in ripped jeans and a beanie.


Most guys want their girls to be perfect,

but you love me whether I look like beayonce,

or donald trump.

and you tell me I'm beautiful

every single day.


We laugh at the couples

who show up as ketchup and mustard,

to the halloween party,

when we dressed as the guy from the movie 300,

and Xena warrior princess.

and instead of making out in the corner,

we are taking our plastic swords,

and annoying the crap

out of the mushy, obnoxious couples,

that really should have stayed home.


we met outside

on the best side of campus


I was studying on the grass,,

and he tripped while playing 

a great game of frisbee

he accidentally landed

on top of me

and made me extremely uncomfortable,

but somehow it felt right.


He apoligized,

and promised to make it up to me 

he asked me out to lazer tag,

because he hates movies on the first date.


but the thing is...

to whoever it may concern...



I have always been in love with you,

but I just don't know it.

because I don't know your name,


and to whoever it may concern...

I hope I meet you soon



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This kinda perfectly describes my relationship goals. I hope you find each other.

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