Her next challenge is flooding right in front of her

And the rough stones tremble underneath her feet

What’s over the edge? she needs to know

When she thinks of all the things she has to take on

The roar of crashing waters fills her head to the brim

All the rainbow fish pool at her feet

Only to clear and let her run

Run towards the edge where the clear waves end she

Lets her voice carry into the wind as a song

Like the droplets that fly into the sky and

Fall gently onto your skin and sometimes

Your eyes but this girl takes those dewy droplets

From your eyes to create a masterpiece of a thing called music

She rises like the sun and her lips part

A freshly cut strawberry as her song 

Awakens from the deep slumber in her heart

To dry those tears and make some more

To widen that smile and then some more

Do not think for a second that this girl

Cannot handle holding the world in her hands 

That grasp is strong and confident for 

She sings for you and the universe

And learns that her heavenly gift pierces through any waterfall

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Our world
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