An Old Soul, That's Me

I am who I am

A young girl with old ways, deep inside her

Beng the only child, the first grandchild, the first niece

The first me

Knowing ever since I was knee high

Something about me would be different

Different than what people saw on the outside, ever since I entered this world

I knew I would think out of the box

I knew I would be that one person everybody looks at and says

"You must have been here before"

An old phrase saying, I have a mind set and acting ways

as if I was born in the 1960's or 1970's

One special thing that comes with this old soul is

being a Christian or in people terms, a "church girl".

And for that, to my aunt, thank you for those church trips.

Trips I didn't even know I was going on.

To the lessons and messages that had my heart beating and ringing

To a feeling I never felt before

To those trips on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights

is what helped this old soul become who I am today.

So if I was in the dictionary described as one word or two words put together

it would be "old-soul" defined as


One in a million

A future thinker

A lesson learned

An Old Soul, That's Me

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