The Real Belle

Tale as old as time

Repeating again and again.

Begining in France

Then animated by a mouse.

A story about a girl like me.


It's just a small town,

One she moved to sometime ago.

Every morning is just the same,

Eversince the moment that we came.

It's a story about a girl like me. 


A lonely young lady

Who buries herself in books.

She dreams of adventure in the great wide somewhere,

Of magic, and mystery.

She is a girl like me.


But in her story she gets her adventure, 

With enchanted castles and cursed princes.

Supposedly it's a tale about how looks don't matter,

But really it's just a story

About a girl like me. 


A smart young lady who loves books and stories.

A brave young lady who does her best to be herself.

A pretty young lady who wants someone to understand her.

A young lady...

A girl like me. 


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