Ode to Rhyme and Redemption

In pain lies resurrection

As resurrection begets pain

This beautifully torturous cycle

Never fails to bring us together again


My tears summon you

Your open arms summon me

We embrace amongst stanzas

Revealing all I can be


Sprouting into my conscious

As weeds run to an abandoned sidewalk

Words on paper create vision

Written in the stars with white chalk


As beauty sleeps with imperfection

I am inseparable from you

You are my fairy godmother

In you my dreams come true


I am invincible in my weakest moments

A victor in the rain

A champion with knees buckled

In you I find my gain







Thank you for teaching me the value that lies above.


With each connection cut

Another one forged

And with every mountain built

Fresh motivation is disgorged


With each door slammed

Another refuses to close

And with each breach of trust

A toxic tie exposed


I have no losses

When perspective presents gain

I lose sight of my own vigor

When I allow everyone else to drain


You are empowerment through the demons you devour

Caged thoughts running free

The epitome of versed valour

Thank you , my poetry.


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